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The episode starts with Soumya calling the caterers but the caterers say that they can’t come and deliver the food. Mangal comes there and asks Saumya what happened. Soumya shouts at Mangal and tells her that food is not coming. Mangal asks how it happened as they ordered it before. Soumya comments on it. Mangal says her anger is not solution to the problem. Soumya apologises to Mangal and goes to inform Adit.

Lakshmi comes to Lakshmi. Mangal says to Lakshmi that they need to set situation by preparing food. Lakshmi assures Mangal that they can handle it. Lakshmi and Mangal start preparing food for all the guests. Mangal says to herself that she will not allow Adit’s head to be bowed down in shame. Sonu adds more salt to the curry but Mangal sets it with her trick. Mangal and Lakshmi prepare all dishes.

Adit’s college mates praise Adit house. They insist Adit to make them meet his family. Adit asks his son to call Mangal. Akshat goes to Mangal and tells her that Adit is calling her. Mangal goes to meet Adit without adjusting her look. Adit sees Mangal’s look and tells his friends that his wife is busy. Karthik comes there and tells Adit that Mangal is here. Adit’s friends happy to see Karthik. Adit introduces Karthik to his friends and gestures Mangal to leave.

Karthik stops Mangal and introduces Mangal to Adit’s friends. Adit’s friends gets shocked to see Mangal’s look. Adit feels humiliated. After talking to Manga, friends tell Adit that his wife is opposite to him. They comment on Mangal. Karthik praises Mangal. Adit’s friends take selfies with Karthik. That time Adit takes Mangal with him. Soumya stops Adit and tells him that she needs to tell something. Adit says not now. He takes Mangal to the room and locks it on anger.

Karthik comes to the dining area. He says food smell is amazing. The server tells him how Lakshmi and Mangal prepared it in 30 minutes. Karthik comments on Lakshmi. Lakshmi rebukes him. Sonu comes there and tells Lakshmi that Mangal is nowhere. Lakshmi goes to search for Mangal.

Mangal tries to explain to Adit but Adit asks Mangal to see herself in the mirror. He misbehaves with Mangal saying she looks like a worker, not Adit Sexena’s wife. He comments that she is smelling bad. Mangal feels broken.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lakshmi sees Mangal broken. Mangal says to Lakshmi that she doesn’t deserve him. Lakshmi asks Mangal to tell her what happened.

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