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The episode starts with Kusum asking Lakshmi the reason for her choice. Lakshmi says she made the choice putting Karthik in mind. Kusum says to Shanti that this is the difference between Lipika and Lakshmi. Kusum says to Shanti that they would like to do Karthik’s marriage with Lakshmi and asks Shanti for her opinion. Mangal asks Kusum where is Karthik.

Adit reveals to Sowmya about his family members taking Karthik’s wedding proposal for Lakshmi. Sowmya laughs on it.

Managal says it will be good if both Lakshmi and Karthik talk to each other before doing this ritual. Kusum says Karthik is busy and he will not be able to come today. Mangal suggests if they can do this ritual tomorrow. Kusum says there is no need for Karthik to be here to do this ritual. Kusum asks Gayatri to take out the Shagun.

Sowmya suspects that this wedding is not going to happen and shares it with Adit. Adit says she is thinking too much.

Mangal recalls in the past Adit hasn’t come to her wedding looks and fixed the wedding. Mangal recalling about it she doesn’t come forward and says she still thinks Karthik and Lakshmi should talk to each other so that there will be no misunderstanding. Kusum reminds Mangal that she fixed her marriage the same way and asks Mangal if she lacks anything in her marriage. Mangal recalls how Adit always disrespected her. Mangal says there is nothing wrong in her marriage but she still thinks Karthik and Lakshmi should talk to each other.

Gayatri says to Mangal that Karthik told her, he will marry any person shown to him by her. Mangal still stands firm on her decision and says it will be good for Karthik also.

Gayatri feels insulted with Mangal’s behaviour and says to Kusum that it is her mistake that she brought Karthik’s wedding proposal here but the truth is that these people don’t deserve Karthik.

Kusum says to Gayatri that she is not the only one that is insulted but Kusum is also insulted. Kusum apologises to Gayatri. Kusum comments on Mangal and Lakshmi and takes Gayatri away from there.

Mangal tries to stop Kusum and Gayatri but Kusum warns Mangal not to speak a word.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Shanti blames Lakshmi for destroying her sister’s wedding.

Adit lashes out at Mangal for her behaviour towards Kusum. Adit asks Mangal to go to her maternal home.

Shanti says to Lakshmi that Adi has thrown Mangal out of the house.

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