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The episode starts with Adit humiliating Mangal regarding her look. He asks why she didn’t even go to the parlour to get ready. Mangal says she has work. Adit asks what work she has when everything is done by Soumya. Mangal tries to explain but Adit doesn’t listen to her and calls she is a disgrace to him. He says to Mangal that she made him feel humiliated in front of his friends. Mangal says sorry. Adit asks her to not say sorry and says he regrets marrying her.

Adit sees Mangal is not wearing her gold jewellery. Mangal says she removed it to do the work. Adit comments she is lying and says the day he married her is an inauspicious day. He warns her to come downstairs if she can look like his wife otherwise not to come. Akshay knocks on the door and calls Adit. Adit says he is coming. Adit warns Mangal and leaves. Mangal breaks down.

Lipika takes selfies. Shanti comes to Lipika. She taunts Lipika and tells her how Lakshmi is making her future by trapping Karthik and his family. She advises Lipika to get lemon water to Karthik and his family to impress them. Lipika goes to get lemon water. Shanti sits near Gayatri. Kusum calls Gayatri and everyone to Puja. Shanti tries to stop them for a while but she couldn’t. Later Lipika gets lemon water for everyone but she gets disappointed seeing everyone is already left.

Soumya tries to talk to Adit but he says he will talk to her later in anger. Kusum sees Mangal is not present in the Puja. She asks Lakshmi to call Mangal. Lakshmi searches for Mangal. She sees Mangal in her room. She sees Mangal’s distressed state and questions her what happened.

Soumya takes Adit aside and tells him that no-one is ready to deliver their food order. Adit gets shocked and asks if she didn’t give correct date to them. Soumya covers up saying it’s not her mistake. Adit thinks about how he stopped Mangal from cooking food.

Mangal sees herself in the mirror and tells Lakshmi that she wants to look beautiful like others to make Adit proud. Lakshmi says she is already looking beautiful. Mangal says it’s a lie and says she doesn’t deserve to be Adit’s wife from any angle. She says Adit is correct. Lakshmi asks Mangal to come to her senses. Lakshmi asks if anyone said anything to her. Mangal says everyone might be waiting for them so they need to go. Lakshmi stops Mangal and asks her to tell her what happened to her first. Shanti comes there and accuses Lakshmi of making Mangal late. Mangal says it’s not Lakshmi’s mistake. Shanti sees Mangal’s teary face. She asks Mangal if Adit said anything to her. Akshat comes there and tells Mangal that everyone is waiting for her. Mangal thinks about Adit’s ultimatum.

Episode ends.

Precap – Lakshmi stops Soumya from doing the Gruhapravesh with Mangal and Adit.

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