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The episode starts with Lakshmi trying to tell the truth to Mangal. Lakshmi says to Mangal that she was right. Kusum interrupts Mangal and Lakshmi’s conversation. Kusum says to Mangal that it is time for Sehra Bandhi ritual. Kusum asks Mangal to come with her. Mangal asks Lakshmi what does she wants to say.

Gayatri asks Karthik to get ready for Sehra Bandhi ritual. Karthik agrees.

Kusum says to Mangal that this is a big day for Lakshmi and says she might be feeling nervous and nothing more than that. Lakshmi says yes and goes to get ready as a bride.

Adit asks Sowmya why did she call him to come to aside. Sowmya says to Adit how everyone is disrespecting her just because she is not married. Adit says to Sowmya that his family is a little old fashioned and he asks Sowmya not to mind his family’s words and leaves from there.

Karthik hopes that Lakshmi has told the truth to Mangal. Lipika asks Lakshmi to get ready as she is being late. Lakshmi thinks about Karthik’s words.

Kusum asks Mangal to do the Surmai ritual. Kusum says to Mangal that she has to do this ritual with Adit. Adit and Mangal do the ritual to Karthik. Kusum asks Mangal and Adit to bless Karthik. Adit and Mangal give the same blessing to Karthik. Adit says it is a really big coincidence. Kusum comments on it.

Ishana comes to Sowmya and says to Sowmya that she really has a lot of things to do make up and says Mangal only has one lip stick and a powder. Sowmya asks Ishana if she would like to have make up applied. Ishana agrees.

Mangal comes to Lakshmi’s room and knocks on the door. Lakshmi doesn’t open the door at first. Mangal gets worried. Lakshmi later opens the door. Mangal feels relieved seeing Lakshmi. Mangal later helps Lakshmi in getting ready. Mangal calls Lipika for help. Lakshmi sends Lipika away making up a reason.

Kusum comes to Mangal and asks Mangal to wear this necklace for Lakshmi and says this is a gift from them to Lakshmi. Mangal thanks Kusum. Kusum leaves from there.

Kusum asks Ishana who applied so much make up for her. Ishana says it is Sowmya. Kusum calls Adit and asks Adit to ask Sowmya to stay away from their kids. Adit asks Kusum what happened. Kusum says Sowmya applied so much make up to a kid and says their kids do not apply so much make up. Sowmya apologises to Kusum. Kusum comments on Sowmya. Kusum wipes the make up on Ishana’s face and leaves from there.

Lakhsmi tries to tell the truth to Mangal but the lights go off. Mangal leaves from there. Lakshmi thinks Mangal is behind her and says Karthik doesn’t want to do this wedding. The lights get turned on. Adit says she needs to do this wedding.

Episode ends.

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