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The episode starts with Karthik taking Lakshmi in his car to buy the Mangalsutra.

Kusum asks Adit why hasn’t Sowmya left till now. Adit says Sowmya couldn’t get a cab booked so she is waiting. Adit says he will drop her later. Adit thinks how can he put bangles on Sowmya’s hand infront of everyone.

Karthik asks Lakshmi to choose a Mangalsutra. Lakshmi asks Karthik to choose and says she will like whatever he likes. Karthik says he knows she will say something like this that’s why he called for help. Jia comes to the jewelry store. Karthik asks Jia to help Lakshmi in choosing a Mangalsutra. Jia agrees and asks Lakshmi what kind of Mangalsutra would she like. Lakshmi says she will like whatever Karthik likes. Jia hearing it asks Karthik to choose a Mangalsutra. Karthik chooses a mangalsutra that Jia chose last time when he came to this jewelry store with Jia.

Adit acts as if he is talking over the phone and takes the bangles at Goddess feet. Akshat asks Adit where is he taking those bangles. Kusum also asks Adit the same question.

Karthik takes Jia to aside and says to Jia that this is the same necklace that she chose last time she came here with him. Karthik says both this Mangalsutra and him could have belonged to her but she created circumstances so that he has to choose this Mangalsutra for Lakshmi. Jia puts the Mangalsutra in the burning charcoal and says she doesn’t need both of them and leaves from there.

Karthik says he knows she would react like this and comments on it. Lakshmi comes and sees the Mangalsutra in the burning charcoal. Lakshmi takes the Mangalsutra. Karthik pours water over her hand. Karthik asks Lakshmi why did she burn her hand for this Mangalsutra. Lakshmi says this Mangalsutra will forever be with her and says this burns will go away after a few days. Karthik comments on it.

Adit puts the bangles on Mangal’s hands and says today is Churi ritual so he thought of putting bangles on Mangal’s hand. Sowmya witnessing it leaves from there.

The next day, Karthik’s family comes to the wedding venue. Karthik takes the servant to get out his luggage. Sanjana and Ishana comment on Adit being poor and their low class decoration. Adit takes Mangal to a side and scolds her for her proposal of doing this wedding in the temple.

Lakshmi sees Karthik’s letter has fallen out of her dress. Lakshmi sees the letter and dreams of doing a dance with Karthik.

Mangal comes to Karthik’s sister and Sanjana and asks them if they need anything. Karthik’s sister says she just wants this forced wedding to be done quickly so that they can leave this place. Mangal’s asks Karthik’s sister what does she mean. Karthik’s sister says Gayatri is forcing Karthik to do this marriage if not Karthik would have never agreed to this marriage.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Mangal asks Gayatri to swear on her and tell her if Karthik is doing this wedding under pressure. Karthik packs his bags and gets ready to run away from his wedding.

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