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The episode starts with Karthik saying to Lakshmi meet Jiya, my friend. He introduces Lakshmi as part of his family. Jiya doesn’t like him calling her friend. Jiya says Lakshmi is the viral video girl, isn’t she? Lakshmi leaves from there. Karthik asks Jia why did she talk about the viral video. Jia says it’s a slip of the tongue. She makes him drink spiked thandai. Gayatri tries to stop it but she couldn’t.

Lakshmi gives thandai to Soumya. Soumya refuses to drink. Lakshmi rebukes her. Adit waits for Soumya. He hears footsteps sound and closes his eyes. Mangal applies colour to Adit. Adit applies colour to her through his cheek and says he is waiting for it. Mangal wishes him a happy Holi. Adit opens his eyes in shock. Soumya comes there and witnesses it in shock.

Karthik starts singing Lakshmi lyrics. Lakshmi thinks it’s her lyrics. Karthik stops in the middle because of the bhang effect. Everyone asks Adit to sing otherwise his reputation will be at stake. Gayatri feels worried for Karthik’s reputation.

Kids come to Mangal and tell her that she won the challenge and calls her Holi ki Rani. Adit comments on her. Mangal sees Soumya and asks if she didn’t get thandai. Soumya says she didn’t get what she wanted. Mangal applies colour to Soumya. Adit controls his anger seeing kids.

Lakshmi takes the mike and sings the song. Everyone feels surprised. Gayatri asks Kusum what Lakshmi is doing. Kusum says to Gayatri that Lakshmi is saving their reputation. Mangal and everyone cheer for Lakshmi. Gayatri’s friend Maya asks Mangal to marry Lakshmi to her son who is manager. Mangal thinks it will be a good match. Lakshmi finishes the song. Everyone claps for Lakshmi.

Karthik goes behind Lakshmi and confesses that he loves her. Jia gets shocked. I Lakshmi didn’t hear his confession. She cuts Sonu’s call. Karthik steps on wires and is about to fall but Lakshmi holds him. She asks him what happened. Jia thinks Bhang is affecting Karthik badly. She shouts at Karthik and asks why he confessed to Lakshmi in that way. Gayatri stops Jia. Kusum asks Adit to take Karthik inside.

Jia says to Gayatri that she is worried for Karthik. Gayatri says she knows that she gave a spiked drink to Karthik and warns her to leave. Jia leaves from there.

Lakshmi says to Mangal she doesn’t know why she sang. Mangal says she sang well and asks Lakshmi how she knew the song. Lakshmi says it was written by her. She says she doesn’t know how karthik knew this song. Jia overhears their convo. Mangal says the song is beautiful. Jia comes there and misleads Lakshmi saying the song was written by a Karthik lyricist.

Adit makes Karthik sleep on the bed. Karthik says to Adit that he is so good. He says to Adit that he is lucky to have a wife like Mangal. He asks him to not get angry with her. Adit says wish you to get a wife like Mangal then I will see what you will do.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kusum suggests Gayatri get Karthik married to Lakshmi. Mangal comes there and informs them about Maya’s marriage proposal.

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