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The episode starts with Adit admitting to Lakshmi about his affair with Soumya. Lakshmi gets shocked. She asks if he purchased those red roses for Soumya. Adit says yes. Kusum locks herself in the room. Mangal and Kusum’s husband requests Kusum to open the door. Soumya enters Adit’s room. Adit asks Lakshmi to go and tell the whole world about his affair. Lakshmi leaves from there in shock.

Lakshmi decides to reveal about Adit’s affair to Mangal. Kusum’s husband asks Mangal to call Gayatri. Mangal requests Kusum to open the door but Kusum doesn’t respond.

Soumya asks Adit why he unveiled their secret. She tells him he made a mistake. Adit says Lakshmi cornered him so he couldn’t control. Soumya asks how he is going to handle the situation at home. Mangal unlocks the door using a copper rod. Lakshmi comes there.

Mangal hugs Kusum and asks her to never do it and says how much they are scared of her act. Kusum says she can’t trust her after knowing about the chain matter. Lakshmi asks what’s the matter. Kusum says to Lakshmi how Mangal hid the chain matter from her. Lakshmi asks if it was the chain brought by Adit. Kusum says even Lakshmi knows about it. She comments that daughter in law can never become a daughter. Mangal asks her to not say it that way. Lakshmi says Adit didn’t purchase it for Mangal. Kusum asks her to talk straight.

Adit regrets not being able to control his anger. Soumya comforts him. Kusum calls Adit and asks him to come home immediately. Adit says to Soumya they are in trouble.

Jia comes to Gayatri and apologises to Gayatri for her mistake. She promises Gayatri that she will not repeat her mistake. Gayatri refuses to forgive her and asks Karthik to send Jia. Jia says to Gayatri that she didn’t do anything intentionally. She asks Karthik to tell his mother. Gayatri asks Karthik to take her home. Karthik says to Jia that he will call her later and leaves from there.

Adit comes home and asks Kusum what happened. Adit’s parents question Adit why did he buy such an expensive gift. Kusum demands him to tell the truth. Adit says he purchased it for Soumya as he has an affair with Sowmya. Adit’s shocking confession shocks his family.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mangal asks Adit if he is joking. Adit says it’s true. Kusum asks him to say it’s a lie. Later Kusum asks Mangal to call Soumya home.

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