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The episode starts with Lakshmi trying to tell the truth to Mangal. The lights go off. Mangal leaves from there to check on the lights.

Lakshmi says to Mangal that her suspicion was right and says Karthik doesn’t want to marry her. Lakshmi speaks of the letter that Karthik wrote to her. Lakshmi says to Mangal that Karthik in that letter wrote that he loves someone else and he asked for her help but that letter never reached her. Lakshmi says someone played a dirty prank with them by changing that letter. Lakshmi says to Mangal that this wedding should be stopped. The lights get turned on and says this wedding should happen.

Kusum worries about why hasn’t Mangal brought Lakshmi till now.

Adit says to Lakshmi that this wedding should happen. Lakshmi says Karthik doesn’t love her. Adit says he knows about it and says he overheard her and Karthik’s conversation in the rain. Adit says to Lakshmi that now it is too late for her to say no to this wedding. Adit says to Lakshmi that if she doesn’t do this wedding then she will become a burden to Mangal means she will become to him and he wouldn’t allow that to happen. Adit gives an ultimatum to Lakshmi that if she doesn’t do this wedding then he will divorce Mangal. Adit warns Lakshmi not to tell any of this to Mangal. Mangal comes to Lakshmi. Adit indirectly warns Lakshmi and leaves from there. Lakshmi hugs Mangal and cries over her shoulder. Lipika asks Lakshmi to get ready quickly as everyone is waiting for her.

Lipika says to Kusum that Lakshmi still isn’t ready and says Lakshmi is just crying over Mangal’s shoulder by hugging her. Kusum goes to bring Lakshmi. Karthik says Lakshmi wouldn’t come.

Lakshmi comes to the wedding. Lakshmi sits beside Karthik. Karthik asks Lakshmi if she told the truth to Mangal. Lakshmi says no. Karthik gets shocked hearing it. Karthik decides not to stay calm. The pandit asks Karthik to concentrate on the ritual.

Mangal says to Kusum that it feels like it was just yesterday that she was teaching Lakshmi how to walk and now she is getting married. Kusum says to Mangal that she really fulfilled her responsibility to Lakshmi really great.

Episode ends.

Precap:- The Pandit asks the father of the bride to come and do Kanyadaan. Shanti stops her husband from doing the Kanyadaan. Karthik thinks only one person will understand him and it is Mangal. Karthik calls for Mangal

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