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The episode starts with the Pandit asking the father of the bride to come forward to do Kanyadaan of Lakshmi. Shanti’s husband tries to come forward but Shanti stops him. Karthik decides to tell the truth and takes Mangal’s name. Adit covers up saying Mangal should do the Kanyadaan. Kusum also agrees. Mangal steps forward to do the Kanyadaan.

Adit takes Karthik away from there. Adit asks Karthik why is he looking stressed. Karthik says to Adit that he doesn’t want to do this wedding. Adit says to Karthik it is too late to stop this wedding. Adit says to Karthik if he tries to stop this wedding then Gayatri might collapse on the spot. Mangal will have a heart attack and says Kusum will not be able to accept it. Adit says to Karthik that he needs to this wedding for his family. Karthik without having a choice goes and sits in the Mandap.

The Pandit later asks someone to do the Gathbandhan of Karthik and Lakshmi. Kusum asks Karthik’s sister to do the Gathbandhan. Karthik’s sister refuses to do it. Gayatri ties the knot of Gathbandhan.

The Pandit asks the bride and Groom to take Phere. Karthik and Lakshmi take their Phere.

Kusum says to Karthik it is time for him to put Sindhur in Lakshmi’s Maang. Karthik does it.

A mishap happens in Lakshmi’s wedding as Gayatri doesn’t find the Mangalsutra. Shanti comments on Lakshmi. Mangal searches for the Mangalsutra but she doesn’t it. Mangal takes sacred thread and applies Haldi to it. Mangal says to Karthik that he can use this to replace Mangalsutra to do this ritual. Karthik agrees and follows Mangal’s instructions. The pandit says the their marriage ritual has been completed. The pandit asks Bride and Groom to take blessings from their elders. Karthik leaves the Mandap. Lakhsmi goes after Karthik.

Lakshmi comes to Karthik. Kusum comes to Shanti and asks Shanti to prepare plate for Karthik and Lakshmi. Lakhsmi calls for Karthik.

Lakhsmi apologises to Karthik. Lakshmi says to Karthik that she told the truth to Mangal but. Karthik comments on Lakshmi. Lakshmi tries to tell the truth to Karthik but Ishana and Akshat interrupt their conversation and asks them to come right away as Kusum ordered it.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Sowmya comes infront of Adit getting dressed like a bride. Sowmya asks Adit to marry her and she shows the Mangalsutra. It is shown it is the Mangalsutra that has gone missing in Lakshmi’s wedding. Mangal comes to Adit and Sowmya.

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