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The episode starts with Lakshmi trying to talk to Karthik. Karthik asks Ishana and Akshat to play a game and says in this game no one will speak and the one who speaks first will lose the game. Everyone stays silent.

Gayatri says to Kusum that she wanted to have a daughter in law like Mangal and her wish came true. Kusum says she is responsible for it. Gayatri agrees.

Gayatri sees a car coming and asks the Dhol people to play Dhol when Karthik and Lakshmi come out of the car. Jia comes out of the car and dances for the Dhol. Gayatri stops the Dhol people saying this is not the bride. Gayatri takes Jia to a side and asks Jia what is she doing. Jia says their wish came true and she kept her word. Jia asks Gayatri to seperate Karthik and Lakshmi right away and keep her end of the deal. Gayatri says to Jia that she will seperate Karthik and Lakshmi but this is not the right time. Gayatri asks Jia to leave from here right away. Jia agrees and leaves from there.

Mangal comes and asks Gayatri who came here. Gayatri makes up a reason for it. Mangal sees Karthik and Lakshmi coming. Mangal gives Aarthi to both of them.

Lakshmi does the Gruhpravesh ritual according to Kusum instructions. Lakshmi sees the Kalash is glass and it has been broken. Kusum asks Mangal why did she glass Kalash instead of a copper one. Mangal says she doesn’t know where this came from. Mangal tries to pick up glass shards. Lakshmi asks Mangal to leave it and tries to step in but Karthik and Mangal stop Lakshmi from stepping into the house worrying about her. Lakshmi asks both of them not to worry about her. Lakshmi steps into the house and does the Gruhpravesh ritual even when she is hurt by stepping on the glass shards. Lakshmi completes the Gruhpravesh ritual. Mangal asks Lakshmi to go inside and take rest.

Ishana says to Mangal that she told they will play games after coming here. Karthik says they should play games.

Mangal says to all the family members that in this game they will pass rice grains to each other with one hand and says once even one grain falls on the ground then it means there will be trouble in Karthik and Lakshmi’s wedding.

Lakshmi passes the rice grains to Mangal. Mangal passes the rice grains to the person beside her and it goes on. Kusum asks Adit to play the game. Gayatri’s husband gives rice grains to Adit. Adit drops the rice grains on the floor when he is giving it to Karthik. Sanjana says Adit created trouble in Karthik and Lakshmi’s marriage.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Mangal blesses Lakshmi to be happy and she asks Lakshmi to never compromise with her self respect.

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