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Krishna’s attempts to stop Pratigya from defending Balwant’s case goes in vain. So Sajjan plans to stop Pratigya to find the truth. Viewers are eagerly waiting to see How is Sajjan going to stop Pratigya?

In the current track, Krishna pleads Pratigya not to do choose her job. Pratigya asks why she don’t have any rights to choose? What he will do if she choose both family and her job. Krishna looks frustrated and hold her tightly and asks don’t she listen to her husband’s words? Pratigya replies she won’t and ask Krishna why he is acting like that and is he going to hurt her? Krishna looks at Pratigya and removes his hold on her then leaves the place. Krishna gets a call from blackmailer asking him to give three crore, when Krishna refuses the blackmailer threatens to tell the truth to everyone. Krishna decides to find the blackmailer.

Samar disconnects the call and says to his father Krishna will arrange three crores at any cost. Shakti says that he is so proud of his son. Krishna asks Sajjan what he is going to do that the blackmailer is asking them three crores. Pratigya enters the room Krishna leaves. Pratigya tells Sajjan that she know he is also upset with her. Sajjan advice Pratigya and asks her what are the sacrifices she is ready to do for her job.

Postman comes with a forensic report and refused to give it to anyone other than Pratigya saying its confidential. Pratigya receives the letter. Balwant comes and asks Pratigya the report but Pratigya tells him she will only give it to Magistrate. Balwant leaves. Sajjan and Krishna plans to distract Pratigya so that they can destroy the proof against Garv. When Pratigya goes to prepare tea which Krishna asked, Sajjan and Komal search for the forensic report. Samar tells Shakti that he is going to buy this house and throw everyone including Shakti. Sajjan finds the report.

In upcoming episode it will be shown that Balwant’s men will inform him there is no forensic report in Pratigya’s house. Sajjan and Komal will burn the forensic report. Pratigya will say that she knew Balwant will try to take this report so she hid the real report.

Will Balwant succeed in finding the forensic report?

Will Sajjan and Krishna get to know about Pratigya’s plan to hide the real report?

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