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This week Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 episode starts with Pratigya drops the DNA test report seeing that Krishna gets worried and asks Pratigya what happened then when he asks Adarsh to read it the latter inform the report states that Garv’s DNA isn’t matching Krishna’s. Everyone gets shocked. Garv asks is he not Krishna’s son to which Pratigya and Krishna tells it’s a prank pulled by Adarsh then send the kids inside. Krishna scolds Adarsh for giving wrong information but Pratigya tells whatever Adarsh told about the report is true. She then tells till now she had seen in the films only such things are happening but today its happening to her but she decides to find out behind the truth by going to the hospital. Sumitra taunts Pratigya saying if it’s about her then she will create stories like this and questions how come its possible that one report comes positive and the other one comes negative.

Sumitra says she is not even aware that Krishna done this DNA test so it’s not possible for her to change the report right then asks Pratigya about Garv’s real father. Krishna gets angry and warns Sumitra but she doesnt stop so Krishna leaves the place. Pratigya says to Krishna that she will find out what’s happened but when Krishna questions how its possible to come out two different reports Pratigya gets shocked and upset. Sumitra and Samar asks Garv to not to.enter Sumitra’s room saying he doesn’t belongs to the family. Kriti defends Garv but then Sumitra threatens and makes the kids leaves her room. Sumitra and Samar shares their happiness with each other for the rift that’s forming between Krishna and Pratigya because of this report. Pratigya shares how much she is upset with Krishna to Kesar for not trusting her even after all this year they have spent together on the other side Krishna tells Adarsh he trusts Pratigya at the same time he is wondering how its possible to get two different reports.

Komal gets angry at Adarsh for bringing another woman to the house so Adarsh asks Komal to divorce him but Komal refuses saying she will tolerate all his actions to be with him.Garv goes to sit near by Sumitra in the break table but Sumitra misbehaves with him seeing that Kesar asks Sumitra to not to act this way to a kid but Sumitra gets angry and tells Kesar that she failed to save her relationship with the people in her life so asks not to teach her then pushes Garv away. Krishna comes there and stops Garv from falling to the ground then scolds Sumitra for behaving like this with Garv. Sumitra taunts for not questioning Pratigya about Garv’s real father then asks Krishna to take DNA test again. Krishna agrees but Pratigya refuses saying they aren’t going to act everytime whatever the people surrounding them are saying to prove themselves right.

Sumitra tells Pratigya knows how to use her skills to change everything as she is a lawyer that’s what she is doing here to which Pratigya tells that the proof will be submitted to the court not to their own people also Krishna trusts her that’s more than enough for her and refuses everyone’s request to take DNA test again. Kriti consoles Garv saying that both Krishna and Pratigya loves him so much and nothing will change the fact that they are siblings. Pratigya comes and says to Garv the reports are fake also she and Krishna loves him so much. Later Pratigya asks Krishna what he thinks is matters her the most so when Krishna tells even he wanted to take DNA test again which makes Pratigya angry and upset. Pratigya refuses to hear Krishna’s words. Komal gets happy thinking that Adarsh bought something for her but when Adarsh tells Komal its poison which he is going to have after that ask Komal to die if she truly loves, Komal throws the bottle and says to Adarsh that she wanted to live a long time with him but Adarsh tells the Love she has for him is fake then leaves.

Kesar tries to talk to Samar but Sumitra instigates Samar against her saying this is what caused his father’s life. Kesar accuses Sumitra for misguiding Samar the same way she used to misguided Shakti which lead Shakti’s death. Samar warns Kesar to not to talk to his grandmother this way then tells for him both his parents are dead so asked Kesar to not to talk to Sumitra like this. Garv and Kriti fights for a bicycle over who is going to ride it first then Garv gives in saying Kriti can use it but Kriti looses her balance and falls to the ground. Krishna comes there and thinks its Garv who pushed Kriti so he raises his hand on Garv but Pratigya stops him. Kriti also says to Krishna that Garv has nothing to do with her missing the balance. Pratigya scolds Krishna for raising his hand at Garv even he knows well siblings fight with each other but their love for them will last forever. Sumitra and Samar goes there and says that Krishna is doing all this because now Krishna also knows that Garv is not his son. Krishna leaves the place. Pratigya asks Sumitra to not to talk like this infront of kids saying that will have a huge impact on them but Sumitra mocks her so Pratigya also leaves the place.

Kesar asks Krishna what is bothering him also all of sudden why he is not supporting Pratigya like how he used to be. Krishna tells Kesar that he is not doubting Pratigya he just want to take this test to shut the people who is taking ill about Pratigya. Pratigya comes and says that Krishna doesn’t believe her so there is no need to talk unnecessarily. Kesar asks them to sort it out on their own then leaves the place. Samar shares his happiness with Sumitra for the rift that has been formed between Krishna and Pratigya. Sumitra reveals that its her who changed Garv’s report. She also tells Samar that she will make sure to snatch Krishna and Garv from Pratigya for killing Shakti. When Krishna tells Pratigya that they can do this test again Pratigya accuses Krishna for thinking to accept Garv as his son with the DNA tests proof Only not even thinking about the love care and the memories happy moments they all together shared as a family. She also accuses Krishna for doubting her. Krishna gets furious and raises his hand then leaves the place saying there is no use talking to her.

Garv hugs Krishna and asks him that is he is not his son to which Krishna tells that he loves him so much also asks him not to worry but  hesitates to hug him back. Seeing this Pratigya gets upset. Samar and Sumitra together asks Garv to pack his this because he has to leave the house as he is not part of the family. Sumitra also shows her fake concern for Garv saying what he is going to do after he leaves the house. Samar tells Sumitra that Garv is a brave kid who will manage his life as a beggar on the road. Garv tells that Pratigya won’t let anything such happen to him but Samar tells that its Krishna’s house so he will throw him out also threatens to throw Garv by himself if he tells anyone what he and Sunitea told. Garv gets scared. Komal gives stone as a food to Adarsh and tells him that if he wants to do whatever he wants to get a divorce from her but she wont let anything such happen. Adarsh also challenges Komal.

Pratigya gets happy seeing Kriti is making card for Garv. She also tells Pratigya that she will protect her brother. Pratigya asks Kriti to go to bed soon then she gets shocked seeing Garv who is sitting and crying in the corner. She asks Garv to not to worry saying that she wont let anything happen to him then takes him inside her room. Krishna asks Pratigya why Garv is sleeping in their room. Pratigya tells him how much Garv is worried but then she gets confused when Krishna takes her blanket and pillow to sleep on the floor. Pratigya asks Krishna what kind of behavior is this also questions why he didnt hug Garv back earlier when Krishna decides to sleep on the floor . Krishna says to Pratigya that why not she is trying to understand his feelings. He then says to Pratigya that he is not going outside to sleep so she can sleep with her son peacefully in the bed and asks not to bother him. Pratigya asks Krishna how come all of sudden that Garv becomes her child only not his. Krishna tells that he dont want to argue with her. Pratigya also goes and lies beside Krishna then hugs him from behind then they both falls asleep.

Komal throws water at a sleeping Adarsh and tells that she wont let him sleep peacefully after letting her suffer like this. Adarsh decides to sleep in the sofa saying Komal to sleep in the bed peacefully. Kesar asks Kriti to have food then she can tie a Rakhi for her brothers but Kriti refuses saying like elders she will also have food after tie the Rakhi for her brothers. Samar refuses saying the people who killed his father is his enemy and he will hate them always. Pratigya tells Samar he will feel bad for this later. Sumitra throws the aarti plate of Kriti’s and tells Garv is not this family member so she wont let Kriti tie Rakhi for Garv. Pratigya pleads Sumitra. Krishna remains silent. Sumitra tells Pratigya when it comes to her kids she is feeling so much pain but what about she let others to kill her son.

Kriti tells that she will tie Rakhi on Garv then gets shocked seeing Garv is not there. Pratigya searches Garv and worriedly says Garv is not inside the house so both Pratigya and Krishna searches for Garv. Garv walks on the road recalling Sumitra’s words. Sumitra tells that the kids will suffer for their parents deeds when Adarsh and Komal confronts also pleads her not to bring the kids Inbetween elders fight. Sumitra asks Komal to stop her drama to save her marriage with Adarsh. Komal warns Sumitra that if she finds out that DNA report is changed because of her also anything happens to Garv she wont spare her then leaves. Kesar asks Kriti to not to cry saying both Krishna and Pratigya will bring Garv to the house.

Krishna and Pratigya searches for Garv. Kriti cries and asks Kesar why Sumitra is doing all this she also refuses to have food saying like every year after she makes her brother wear a Rakhi only she will eat so Kesar asks Samar to do it for Kriti but he threatens to kill both Kesar and Kriti if they forces him to do something which he dont want to. Krishna and Pratigya reaches the hospital after they learns that Garv met with an accident. When doctor asks to check whether the blood group is matching with Garv or not to give Garv who lost so much blood Krishna refuses and asks Pratigya to go inside. Pratigya leaves the place. Samar shares his happiness with Sumitra because Garv is struggling in the hospital to survive. Sumitra tells Samar that this is what the Power of a Mother’s curse. Komal listens everything and tells Sumitra that she cant believe she could stoop this low and tells that it’s her deeds which lead Shakti to die, she also accuses Shakti and Sumitra for Shakti’s death. Sumitra slaps Komal and asks her to look at her life where her husband is bringing another women to the house before teaching others what’s right and wrong.

Kriti prays to God for Garv to recover soon. Pratigya tells Krishna that they can take Garv’s DNA test but Krishna refuses and leaves the place. Pratigya promises to save Garv. Adarsh scolds Komal for showing fake concern for Garv also he tells how Krishna refuses to give blood to his own son. Komal gets shocked. Doctor informs its Krishna’s blood which matches with Garv hearing that Pratigya Krishna and Adarsh gets relieved and happy. Later Krishna apologises to Pratigya for his behavior also tells that he dont want to know the truth about Garv because he acant afford hearing that Garv is not their son. Pratigya insists taking DNA test saying Sumitra’s words had huge impact on both him and Garv Garv but Krishna tells its not necessary saying he will handle it. Komal brings Kriti to the hospital who makes Garv wear the Rakhi. Pratigya asks Adarsh to bring Komal to the house. Adarsh leaves Komal follows him. Then Krishna Pratigya and Kriti smiles at a sleeping Garv.

In next week Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 viewers will get to see that Kesar will find the real DNA report of Garv from Sumitra’s room so she will decide to inform this to Krishna and Pratigya. Sumitra will stop Kesar. The family members will bring Garv to the house who will look happy. Kesar will be held at Gun point by Sumitra. Samar will stand beside Sumitra. Kesar will close her eyes when Sumitra will pull the trigger. Pratigya will get shocked.

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