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In viewers favorite show Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 after Krishna gets a wrong idea about Pratigya and his relationship he finds every opportunity to stay away from her at the same time he pays more attention to Meera.
Pratigya gets hurt but thinks to do something to make Krishna remember his past. Now it will be interesting to see how long Pratigya is going to fight alone to make Krishna regain his memory? Will Krishna listen to Pratigya’s words?

In the current track it shown that Komal sees Adarsh upset so asks him what happened to which Adsrsh says that he bought a saree for Sumitra but she burns it that’s why he is sad because whatever he does that this family members aren’t accepting him. Komal gets angry so decides to confront Sumitra but Adarsh stops her saying it’s too late so asks her to talk to Sumitra next day. In breakfast table also Adarsh stops Komal.

Sumitra asks Krishna to take them outside. Krishna agrees and asks everyone to get ready then decides to take Meera outside to do whatever she wants to. Pratigya gets hurt seeing all that but doesnt say anything. Meera enjoys her day out where else Krishna imagines Pratigya everywhere.

Pratigya asks helps from Garv and Kirti, Kirti agrees but Garv stay stubborn and tears the paper and throws away in which Pratigya asked them to help her make Krishna gain his memory back. Komal confronts Sumitra that why did she burnt the saree which Adarsh gave her in his first yearnings.

Sumitra tells Komal that it’s not intentional. Adarsh also says that he was hurt because the saree he bought for Sumitra caught fire. Krishna and Meera enters the house. Meera looks happy on the other side Pratigya gets sad. Sumitra asks Meera and Krishna to stay happy like this. Meera takes Krishna inside the room where he gets shocked seeing his and Pratigya’s photo in the wall. Krishna indirectly warns Pratigya infront of everyone thinking that she must be the one who did this all.

Meera gets happy that her plans worked out in a way she wants. Pratigya tells Singh’s making fun of a truth will only backfire them. Krishna then accuses Pratigya for trying to take Meera’s place as his wife to her. Pratigya tells its not her who did this and asks him what is wrong if the two people Love each other. Krishna makes some crude remarks Pratigya gets angry hearing it so she slaps him then realises what she did so asks him to forgive her. Krishna gets angry and goes to his room.

Pratigya says to Krishna that she forgived him before then why not he forgive her now but Krishna closes the door on Pratigya’s face.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Pratigya will get hurt when Krishna feed Meera the food. Meera will say to Pratigya the way Krishna feed her the food shows how much he love her. Pratigya will say to Meera that when the person want to make the other person jealous they will do such things.

She will also say that without she demanded anything Krishna tatooed her name on his hand and this is what will called as Love. Krishna in his washroom will touch his hand and will think why he feels that he tattooed someone’s name on his hand.

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