Colors TV show Gathbandhan is witnessing Maya’s drama after Mai brought her to separate Raghu and Dhanak.

Maya’s presence is already disturbing Dhanak. Savitri and Maya plans’ against Raghu and Sonakshi. Raghu takes Maya to the market. Maya ask him to buy bangles for her. Mai brings Dhanak to the same market so that she can witness Raghu and Maya.

Dhanak gets jealous looking at the duo. She gets teary after Raghu makes Maya to wear the bangles. Later, Maya steals a purse from a woman. Raghu gets upset from her for stealing the purse. He takes the purse from her and returns it to woman. Mai too confronts Maya for misbehaving. She asks Maya to go and apologize to Raghu.

Further will see some goons will try to kidnap Dhanak and Raghu will save her.

Dhanak will return from the market and some goons will try to kidnap her. Raghu will come at the meantime and will save Dhanak.

Ahead, Dhanak will make food. Maya will throw spices in her eyes. Dhanak will cry and Raghu will come there after hearing her cry.

What next happens in Gathbbandhan will be interesting to watch.

Do Raghu will help Dhanak or he will ignore her? Do Dhanak will resolve her differences with Raghu or Maya will win Raghu’s trust and will manipulate him against Dhanak? Do Maya’s plan will backfire? Do Mai will ever let Raghu and Dhanak to reunite, well for all the answers, keep watching Gathbandhan mon-fri on Colors TV.

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