In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness Mehul as the real Raavan of the story of Ye Rishte Hain Pyaar Ke. Meenakshi’s father confront Meenakshi about the necklace which is missing since they return. He suspects that Meenakshi must have done something just to prove her point. After argument he got convinced that Meenakshi is not doing anything wrong, neither will she ever be. On the other side, suspicion goes to Mehul as well but nothing is proved. Meenakshi still suspects him. 

Abir is at Mishti’s doorstep and whole family talk about Kunal and Kuhu’s relationship. Abir will miss Kuhu’s hashtags. 

On advice, Mishti and Abir go out to spend some time alone together at Raavan Dahan ground. They patch up and Abir confessed that he can never leave Mishti. They vouch to burn every Raavan in their life. Also, Abir propose that after marriage they should leave their family and live separately as advised by Mehul. 

Mehul give Meenakshi’s necklace to the person from whom he has borrowed money. His true face is now revealed. He is the real Raavan of their love story. Flashback shows how he stole the necklace when Meenakshi took out of her neck. 


Meenakshi proposing MishBir marriage to Mishti’s father. Mishti and Abir saw Mehul at Raavan ground with necklace in her hand. 

What is the plan of Mehul? Is he evil like Raavan as shown in show or their is something hidden? MishBir wedding on cards or a heartbreak is waiting for fans? Is Meenakshi playing any game against Mishti and Abir or she genuinely want their marriage to happen? Will Kunal and Kuhu ever unite again?

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