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The episode starts with Shlok accusing Sumeet of breaking his trust and supporting Raj inspite of knowing all that he has done with Pankhuri. Sumeet says she doesn’t know about what happened with Raj and Pankhuri. Pankhuri says Sumeet is lying as she has herself kept letter in Shlok’s pocket. Priyanka supports Sumeet and says she is saying the truth as except her and Raj no one knew about the incident. She also tells how Pankhuri has always been behind Raj and texted him as unknown lover. Pankhuri argues with Priyanka and tries to manipulate her emotionally.

Poonam asks Priyanka how she can marry Raj after knowing he has done so much wrong with Pankhuri. Sumeet says this is Priyanka’s trust on Raj and asks Pankhuri why she was ready to go with Raj abroad. Pankhuri starts her drama and says she was sacrificing to save Sumeet and Shlok’s marriage. She picks up knife and acts like killing herself. Shlok says Sumeet if she wants to question she should ask her brother instead and he will get Raj punished for what he has done. Sumeet falls down and screams in pain but Shlok leaves without looking at her.

Sumeet thinks she will expose truth infront of Shlok. Raj thinks in sometime Priyanka will be his forever but he gets shocked to see Shlok coming there. Shlok is about to hit Raj when Sumeet comes and stops him. Sumeet requests Raj to tell what had happened as she will always stand by his side. Shlok says if he wants to get justice for Pankhuri, then Sumeet will stand against him and blames her for being disloyal. He snatches the mangalsutra from Raj’s hand and breaks it saying he should forget about marrying Priyanka as Sumeet has forgotten she is married to Shlok.

Shlok tells Sumeet that the bridge in their relationship has broken and he neither trusts her nor Raj. Sumeet begs Raj to tell her what had happened that day. Pankhuri thinks soon she will marry Raj. Priyanka says she is leaving the house and going to Raj as she knows he can never even look at any girl with disrespect. Pankhuri stops her and calls Raj her rapist. Priyanka says she will go against her family but marry Raj but Poonam forcefully takes her back. Sumeet finds Shlok has left singing so that he doesn’t remember her memories.

Sumeet recalls her happy moments with Shlok. She smiles but gets disappointed when Shlok comes home and rejects food served by her. Raj and Priyanka sit heartbroken in their respective rooms too. Shlok takes his guitar and remembers his moments with Sumeet. He breaks the strings of guitar angrily hurting his own fingers. Sumeet looks at him helplessly. Sumeet thinks she will not let their relationship break so easily and will not let Pankhuri spoil so many lives. Sumeet meets Sarthak and asks him why he got accused. People from locality come and badmouth Raj misbehaving with Pankhuri. Pankhuri recalls calling people and spreading the news. The episode ends with Poonam and Shlok telling the people to go and hit Raj if they want and leave Pankhuri alone. Sumeet gets shocked to know Sarthak was falsely accused by Pankhuri.