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The episode starts with Sarthak saying how Pankhuri can go to any extent to become rich and so she removed him from the way. Poonam says they should file complaint against Raj. Pankhuri emotional blackmails them by crying and says she should kill herself. Shlok says that he will get justice for Pankhuri even if it puts his relationship with Sumeet at stake. Sumeet requests Sarthak to come with her to home and expose Pankhuri’s true face as she is spoiling many lives. Sarthak agrees to go and says he has got lots of love from the family and even for his daughter he has to tell the truth.

Sumeet thinks finally she can show the truth to Shlok. Pankhuri says she can only see one way to save her dignity and secure her daughter’s future and that is to marry Raj. She says if Raj agrees to marry her all problems will be sorted but he will never agree. Shlok falls for her trap and says he will make Raj marry Pankhuri no matter what he has to risk. Later Shlok and Poonam asks Raj that he has to marry Pankhuri which shocks him.

Raj says he can accept any punishment but not marrying Pankhuri as he loves Priyanka. Shlok shows his divorce papers with Sumeet and blackmails Raj. Raj recalls his promise to Meet to always take care of Sumeet. Raj agrees to marry Pankhuri for sake of Sumeet’s happiness. Pankhuri smirks happily seeing her plan succeeding. Before they can get married, Sumeet comes there and says to stop the marriage. She questions Raj reason behind him agreeing for the relationship inspite of loving Priyanka. Priyanka begs Sumeet to stop the marriage too. Sumeet calls Sarthak to come inside.

Sumeet says Sarthak to tell the truth about what Pankhuri did with him. Shlok gets angry and Sarthak and asks him to leave. Sumeet tells Shlok that once he considered Sarthak as his friend so he should let him to speak. Sarthak says that all the accusations on Pankhuri are false and all this is what Sumeet wanted him to say. Sumeet is left shocked and asks Sarthak why he is lying. Sarthak recalls Pankhuri meeting him and asking him not to expose her truth or he will never get to see Mayra. Sarthak says Pankhuri that he wants Mayra back so he will do as she says.

Sumeet says that she will anyhow expose Pankhuri’s truth. Shlok stops her and hands her the divorce papers saying if she goes against Pankhuri this will be last day of their relationship. Raj tells Sumeet that he has compromised with life and she should let it go. Sumeet asks Shlok to take his words back. Shlok warns Raj to marry Pankhuri if he wants Sumeet and his relation to remain intact. Sumeet wonders how to find proofs against Pankhuri. Raj cries as he proceeds with exchanging garland with Pankhuri and sits for pheras. Sumeet recalls seeing Pankhuri at medical store and requests the shopkeeper to show the cctv of that day. The episode ends with Pankhuri thinking soon she will be married to Raj Alhawat.