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The episode starts with Sumeet requesting staff at pharmacy to show the cctv footage or particular day. On other hand, Raj and Pankhuri are taking vows while Priyanka keeps crying. Sumeet notices Pankhuri buying medicines in footage and asks shopkeeper about what that medicine is used for. He informs Sumeet that it is hallucinating tablets and personal doesn’t remember what had happened during the period it’s consumed. Sumeet understands how Pankhuri had made Raj consume the tablets and sedated him. She thinks to answer Pankhuri in her style.

Sumeet comes to house and finds Raj and Pankhuri completing the vows. Suddenly media enters and ask Raj if it’s true that he is in debt and his company is running in loss. Sumeet calls Raj and tells him to play along as this is only way to expose Pankhuri’s truth. Pankhuri asks Raj if all this is true. Raj says that it’s true that he has lost all his properties and has come on road. He tells that he has lots of bank loan on his name. Raj tells Pankhuri that they will together fulfill responsibilities for Mayra and he knows even after knowing this she will marry him as he can see true love in her eyes.

Sumeet thinks Pankhuri will blast soon and expose herself. Shlok says Pankhuri is marrying for dignity and not for money. He asks priest to continue with the rituals. Pankhuri thinks Raj has gone bankrupt and wonders if she should marry him or not. Sumeet thinks why Pankhuri is not reacting. Raj is about to fill Pankhuri’s hairline and she suddenly throws his hand away. Pankhuri says she doesn’t want to marry Raj and it’s her bad luck that she removed Sarthak from her life by putting false accusation.

Sumeet comes and exposes Pankhuri’s game of Pankhuri blaming Sarthak for recording Priyanka’s video which she did herself. She says how Pankhuri sedated Raj and made him misunderstand himself. Sumeet further says how Pankhuri kept hurting Priyanka continuously. Pankhuri understands that Raj is still rich and starts acting again but Priyanka slaps her. Sarthak says that he wants to apologise to Sumeet as he told the truth but couldn’t help her to expose it all of them. He tells about Pankhuri threatening him to take Mayra away from him if he told the truth. Family members question Pankhuri about her actions. Poonam tells her that she has lost all her relations because of money.

Dadi and Poonam apologises to Raj and Sarthak for misunderstanding them. Shlok hugs Sarthak while Raj and Poonam hug too. Raj tells Sumeet that he had promised Meet to take care of her but today she took care of his life . Even Priyanka thanks Sumeet and the trio share a hug. Shlok feels guilty of saying all the harsh words to Sumeet because of Pankhuri. Shlok tells Raj that he hopes the latter can forgive him. Raj hugs him and Sumeet smiles too. On the same mandap, Raj and Priyanka tie the knot. The episode ends with Shlok thinking if Sumeet will forgive him or not.