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The episode starts with Raj and Priyanka getting married. Mile ho tum humko plays in the background as they proceed with the marriage rituals. Sumeet and Shlok look at each other and recall their marriage. Sumeet smiles while Shlok feels guilty about his behaviour with Sumeet in past days. Raj and Priyanka complete their marriage rituals. Sumeet tells she is not able to understand if she should be sad that her sister in law is leaving the house or be happy that she is now becoming her brother’s wife. Shlok reminds Priyanka about true love and says Raj will always be by her side. He advises her never to hurt her partner.

Priyanka gets emotional and Shlok asks her to take care of herself. Shlok tells Sumeet that whatever he did with her was wrong and no matter how much he asks for apology it would be less. He cutely shows the pamphlet saying sorry to Sumeet asking if she can forgive him. Sumeet tells it’s true that he has hurt a lot but also no one loves her as much as he does. They hug each other emotionally. Anju teases them saying they can continue later after Priyanka’s Bidai.

Next day, Sumeet sits on bike and says Shlok she is going to kidnap him. He asks when she learnt to ride bike. Sumeet tells when she has already ridden life’s cycle, bike ride is nothing. Sumeet tells Shlok that she always wanted to become like Meet and now she feels slowly life is moulding her like Meet. So she worked hard and learnt to ride bike. Shlok asks where they are going. Sumeet says wherever the way takes them but then Shlok gets a call and he says Sumeet that there is a big trouble and asks her to go to directions he tells.

Shlok brings Sumeet to cafe where he has kept table decorated for her as a surprise. Shlok and Sumeet spend romantic time together and he reminds her that it’s same cafe where had invited her to have coffee for first time. He keeps professing his love to Sumeet and gets their favorite coffee served. Shlok tells Sumeet that he may not be able to say how much he loves her but he promises to fulfil all her dreams and becomes wonderboy. He shouts out loud that he loves Sumeet making her blush.

Shlok and Sumeet dance together romantically. Director of music company say that he is very confident about launch of the new song and soon it will be cult song everywhere. Shlok feels nervous and Sumeet encourages him. She reminds him that his voice is blessing by Goddess Saraswati . She boosts his confidence and tells him to sing by his heart emotions. Director tells Shlok to relax and start to record his new song. Shlok feels nervous at take and keeps making mistakes. Shlok fails to record the song. The episode ends with director asking Sumeet why Shlok is not able to sing well.