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The episode starts with Meet Ahlawat says I missed you because I love you Manushi. Meet and Babita gets shocked. Meet leaves from that place saying she will get lemon water. Babita tries to control her son. Meet Ahlawat says he is fine. Meet recalls Meet Ahlawat confession for Manushi in tears and she thinks he loves Manushi so much that’s why not able to forget her and I’m unable to heal him and I can’t even answer his questions. Raj questions family members what Meet had to face this situation. Masoom questions Chavi if someone caught her mixing pills. Chavi tells her noone saw her than Maasom says it may happened because if his medication. Babita says she will talk with doctor to Change his medication. Masoom asks them to think how to make Meet regain his consciousness otherwise he may face depression if he lose this deal. Raj says they need to postpone it. Ram says they can’t postpone as we don’t know whether he will get second chance or not. Meet hears their discussion. Masoom says se people inauspicious and don’t know whose eye fall on his hapiness. Babita breaksdown saying Meet will completely get broken if he lose this opportunity. Meet thinks she won’t let his dream get broken.

Anubha slaps Manushi badly. Kunal sees it from far and thinks Manushi thought they will accept us knowing her pregnancy but here plan is flopped. Anubha questions why she didn’t think about their respect. Manushi apologies to her Mom. Anubha throws Manushi and asks her to leave from home. Manushi holds her Dadi feet and says youre busy with Meet and I felt alone and at that time I got closed to Parth. Anubha says it’s enough and she tries to throw her but Dadi stops her and says their respect get tarnished of we throw her out so their is one option left to save our respect that’s Manushi marriage with Parth. Manushi smiles seeing Kunal.

Meet asks Meet Ahlawat to drink lemon water but he denies. Deep asks her to feed ginger but he denies to eat it. Meet says it’s needed to make him gain conscious and their is one way left than she asks Sunaina to help her. Sunaina says it’s not good for her. Meet says she is ready to get broken for Meet and their is no option left and once he gain conscious than I will make him drink lemon water and get him ready for meeting. Dadi tells to Manushi and Kunal that they will get married tomorrow itself. Anubha asks them to leave from home post marriage.

Sunaina makes Meet ready like Manushi than she asks Meet to rethink her decision. Meet says Manu broken his heart and I become Manu to rectify it. Manushi happily informs to Kunal that they will get married and people who pointed him will respect him and I look like innocent but I’m smart to change everything and it’s just for you baby. Kunal says she is playing with her own family so she is dangerous so I will teach her lesson and escape with her jewellery. Meet poses as Manushi and sings Bahut pyaar karte hoon song. Meet Ahlawat comes near her and says Manushi, where you went leaving me, do you know how much I waited for you. Meet thinks her plan is getting successful as he is thinking her as Manushi than she sings the sing again. Meet stops her by placing his finger. Meet says she will never return to coward person like him.

Episode ends.