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The episode starts with Anubha and Amma ji welcoming Disguised Meet and offering him food then Meet asks them how did they earn the food? Whether it’s from hard earned money or with paap money? Anubha says my daughter earns it. Disguised Meet throws it asking if they are living with daughter’s work. Anubha says both are the same. Meet thinks I want to know about it. Meet says accepting money from a married daughter is a sin according to sastras. Amma ji says Girls are devi roop. Disguised Meet says who breaks the norms of society is a sinner too and she will be punished after her death. Anubha says enough Babaji, my daughter is working for us then how can you name it sin? Your thinking is wrong and if you can’t accept this daan then it’s fine as I’m proud of my daughter and her thoughts. Meet in her real voice says she is her inspiration to go forward. Anubha says Meet then she removes her wig and says I know what you think about my work that’s why I came to know the truth from you so swear on me and tell me the reason behind your yesterday’s behaviour.

Meet Ahlawat asks Raj about Babita. Raj says she takes time so join me at the terrace. Everyone agrees. Duggu tries to take kite but Tej stops him. Meet Ahlawat takes Duggu with him to give him a kite. Manushi gives thread bundle to Tej and asks him to play with it. Tej plays with it and he gets surrounded with thread. Manushi acts like Tej is you may get hurt. Meet Ahlawat comes to his brother and removes the thread from him. Tej says kite then Meet Ahlwat flies it asking Tej to hold it. Manushi holds the thread.

Anubha says it’s because of Manushi and I know that she won’t get changed and she might snatch your happiness when you went to your job. Meet thinks if Manushi can behave in that way. On another side, Manushi purposely hurts Meet Ahlawat, and his hand bleeds. Tej feels tensed seeing blood. Meet Ahlawat changes his attention giving kite then he asks Isha to get him a first aid kit without informing anyone about his cut. Anubha says in your childhood you gave your doll to Manushi, will you give your husband too?

Manushi thinks Isha won’t get the first aid box as I hid it and she acts like she is worried and tries to help him but he denies it. Meet says I trust my husband and Manushi will leave once she gets fine so don’t worry and trust my trust. Isha tells him she didn’t get it. He asks her to search. Manushi says you can’t stop me and she ties her dupatta piece over his injury. Meet Ahlawat gets affected because of her. Meet Ahlawat calls Meet saying he needs her but she didn’t take his calls. He recalls Manushi seeing her Dupatta piece then he removes it and thinks he can’t take Meet help every time and he thinks to divert his mind then he prepares Lohri gift for Meet. Babita on-call scold his staff knowing draping artists on leave. Meet staples the saree. Tej claps. Babita scolds her for spoiling the saree. Manushi comes there and Tej leaves to after seeing her. Manushi asks Babita to relax and she Drapes saree around Meet. Babita gets impressed and asks where she learned. Manushi says it’s her childhood fashion and asks Babita if she can become her draping artist. Babita says you’re classy unlike your sister and she gifts a designer dress to Manushi and she asks Manushi to help her clients in draping. Manushi agrees. Meet recalls her mom’s words then she asks Manushi how’s she feeling. Manushi tells her she is fine and these people are so good then she goes to try her dress.

Episode ends.