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The episode starts with Meet goes out. Chavi praises Masoom for trapping Meet in her plan. Masoom says Meet is going to work and now I will let her know what I can do than she calls her Mom and tells her to come to home in an hour with Meet as Ngo lady is coming to take donation. Babita says she will return to home quickly and asks Masoom to tell Meet to behave well infront of Ngo than she asks Driver to take her to home. Masoom thinks it’s going to be last day for Meet in our place.

Babita returns to home and meets Devika than she introduces her son to Devika. Devika asks won’t she let her meet their Daughter in law. Babita says she might be busy in making food and she asks Meet to prepare cheque and goes to attend call. Chavi comes to Devika with tea. Devika congratulate Chavi thinking she is Meet wife and gives her bouquet than she asks Masoom to take their photo. Meet stops Devika saying you misunderstood as she is not my wife. Devika says Babita ji said she is preparing tiffins and tea so I thought she is your wife. Babita asks Masoom why she make Chavi serve tea and where is Meet. Masoom says Meet is not available.

Raj returns to home and asks Devika if she met their Daughter in law. Devika says not yet than Raj asks Masoom to call Meet. Babita sends Ragini to bring Meet. Masoom thinks everyone will know that Meet is not at home. Ram and Lakhan meets Meet and they asks how her Mom in law family allows her out. Meet says it’s needed for me to come out and some times we have to listen our heart. Ragini and Sunaina notices Meet is not at home and they calls Meet but she won’t attend their calls. Devika says she is getting late. Meet tells them he will bring her but Devika leaves saying she is getting late and will meet her later.

Masoom says Devika will inform this incident to others and This girl is ruining our reputation. Babita asks Raj if he thinks she is responsible. Raj asks her to wait until they know what happened. Ragini tells to them Meet is not at home. Sunaina goes out to check. Masoom says maybe she went to her Mom’s place. Raj asks Meet to call her home and finds information indirectly. Meet finds she didn’t went to her Mom’s place. Anubha thinks if everything is fine. Raj says Meet can never do any mistake. Masoom says she may gone to join her delivery work. Babita says how can she go out without valuing my words. Raj supports Meet than Chavi says Meet was upset with call than she goes out.

Manushi brings so many shipping bags. Kunal asks if she get her car. Manushi says no, they will add this bill to hotel bill that’s why I bought these items here itself. Kunal says ok and he thinks to pay the bill with credit card of Meet. Sunaina informs them that Meet left from home when Mom in law to went to her office. Masoom says she may thought to hide from us. Babita blames Raj for ruining her son life by choosing Meet kind of girl. Masoom says Dad didn’t listen to Meet words at mandap. Meet leaves to his room than Chavi follows him. Raj says Meet will never cross the line. Masoom says you’re blind to see her truth and she went for her delivery work.

Meet tells them she is back. Babita gets shocked seeing her with Bag smd box than she asks Raj to question her. Raj says I trust her so I won’t question her. Babita says you proved that you don’t care of sasural so their is no place for betrayer like you in our house. Meet says she didn’t do any wrong. Masoom says you’re lier as we find you went to do your delivery job. Duggu comes and says Aunty is not lier. Everyone gets shocked seeing him in bandage and asked him what happened. Meet says teacher called to home when Masoom didn’t attended the calls so I took him to hospital. Babita says you may message us if we didn’t take calls. Meet says sorry, In tension I went to school after informing to Mani kaka. Raj asks where is he. Mani enters to home and tells them that he went to buy quinoa rice for Masoom. Masoom sends him. Raj asks Masoom and Bani if they wants to tell anything. Meet says it’s needed for me to work but I won’t do it by hiding from you.

Episode ends.