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The episode starts with Masoom asks Anubha if she talked to Meet as she is looking tensed. Anubha asks which talk. Masoom says it’s about the matter Meet have to hide and she is feeling heavy at heart to hide it. Anubha asks how she knows it. Masoom says Meet revealed unintentionally. Anubha thinks seems like Meet told her about Manushi than she about to reveal the matter but Ram interrupts them and takes Anubha with him saying Meet is calling her. Hoshiyar asks if she find it. Masoom says not yet but I will find it. Hoshiyar says seems like your brother started to melt for Meet. Masoom says it’s tough to forget his first love Manushi. Manushi arrives to Ahlawat house in auto by covering her face than she thinks how to enter party than she hears Joker person is backout at the last moment.

Manushi disguises herself as a joker and enters to Ahlwat house and she gets shocked seeing the mansion than thinks when she become unlucky but she brushes off her thoughts and plans to take her jewellery and walks forward but she fell down because of carpet. Everyone smiles seeing her. Duggu asks Meet to cut the cake. Meet says she will wait until Raj and Babita arrives. Than they enjoys taking selfies. Meet Ahlawat bumps into Manushi and he presses her nose and says first time he is seeing lady as joker and he leaves after wishing her all the best.

Meet asks her Mom, why she looks worried. Anubha says Masoom is questioning me like she find our secret. Meet says don’t worry as Meet will never break her promise. Anubha smiles and thinks which matter Masoom is hinting and whether she plans to find it from me. Duggu, Ram and other kids plays with joker and she escapes from them saying she will get them gifts than she searches cactus plant. Meet stops her and asks her to drink juice and Meet stops her when she about to step on cactus plant and she throws it in dustbin and leaves. Manushi about to goes near Dustbin but kids stops her and servant takes that dustbin with him. Manushi searches for it.

Everyone dances happily. Masoom asks Anubha what she tries to tell her. Anubha says Meet is lucky to have husband like Meet Ahlawat and leaves. Anubha thinks to send Manushi to Delhi before anyone caughts her. Meet Ahlawat dances with Meet even though she asked him to take rest. Manushi searches near Dustbin.

Raj and Babita returns to home and she shouts to stop music and she asks Meet to not play with her son and you consider him as the last person in your life that’s why you’re enjoying the party even though my son is sick and you make him showpiece and you’re disgusting because you left him at the night too. Raj and Ragini asks her to control saying Meet family and relatives are here. Babita says celebrations can return but my son can’t return like Tej if something happens to him.

Anubha asks her neighbours and kids to let’s leave and they are about to leave but Meet Ahlawat stops them and reveals to his Mom that he is the one who organised the surprise birthday party for Meet happiness and I called to inform you but you didn’t attend it and last night too she take me out as I wanted to fulfill my Mannat. Meet tries to stop him but he says I’m feeling guilty if you’re getting scoldings without any mistake. Babita asks what’s his Mannat. Meet reveals how he donates things on 20th of every month for his brother returning to home. Manushi thinks this guy is supporting Meet and he used to flirt with me for hours and she goes to search the plant. Babita asks him to take rest. Meet Ahlwat says we think for eachother hapiness but why can’t we think for Meet hapiness? And she left her family for us.

Episode ends.