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The episode starts with Raj asks Anubha to forgive them for whatever happened at party. Anubha says don’t say in this way, as a Mom I can understand Babita ji worry and we scold kids for better future of them so we shall leave. Masoom asks Anubha to wait. Anubha looks tensed. Masoom asks why you look tensed aunty like we caught your lie than she calls Mani kaka and gives them return gifts and says she respect her alot. Anubha says she knows. Raj asks everyone to give space to Meet and her Mom than everyone leaves. Meet says Mom, these people are so good and telling lie to them is like sin. Anubha says it’s needed for our families and don’t worry as I’m sending Manushi to Delhi in 4 days so manage these 4days. Meet agrees. Masoom hears their convo and thinks Anubha is betraying them even after giving her promise to Mom and this Meet is supporting her so thry eill definitely get punishment for their mistake.

Kunal comes to Manushi room and he asks Manushi what’s she doing on the cupboard. Manushi tells him, she is planning to hide jewellery in the wall. Kunal asks her to come down saying he will tell her way to hide jewellery from her Mom and Dadi. Manushi agrees and comes down and both fights with eachother saying they will keep it at safe place and they leaves the bag hearing Anubha voice. Anubha asks What’s Kunal doing in her room. Manushi manages saying he came to share work progress. Anubha sees jewellery and says she will keep them in locker as it’s not safe to keep them at home. Manushi takes the jewellery bag and says don’t worry as I will take care of them. Anubha says you’re not married plus you’re not going to Mumbai too, so I will keep them in locker and she asks Kunal to leave from their place seeing some Dharmashala and she leaves. Kunal says noone ever insulted me in this way. Manushi asks him to give her 24hours time to change her Mom anger as love.

Next day Meet places everything for Meet Ahlawat in trolley according to the list and she takes the trolley. Masoom stops Meet and asks Chavi to take breakfast to her brother. Chavi gets scared seeing Meet. Meet says aunty gave me responsibility of Dhodu ram so I will take it. Masoom says he is my brother so I know what’s good for him and here on wards you won’t do anything for him. Meet about to leave saying she will see who will stop her. Masoom says she can stop her. Meet says noone can stop her. Masoom says your family members are taking good care of Manushi right. Meet stands shocked. Masoom says your Mom take promise from you right? I know everything that Manushi is at your place and your sister cheated my brother and staying at your place and my parents requested your Mom to not keep any relationship with Manushi and she agreed but she broke her promise to my parents and don’t say that your Mom is wife of Loyal police officer because you guys are cheating us and I can expose it infront of my parents and did you thought what will happen if Mom knows about it? And if you want me to hide this matter than you have to follow my words and she asks chavi to take the trolley. Meet says Dodhu ram may not eat food from her and why you want to hurt him. Masoom says I know what I’m doing and if you go against my words than you have to bear the consequences than she asks Chavi to take the responsibility of her Brother.

Chavi takes trolley to Meet Ahlawat room. Meet gets teary eyed. Meet asks Chavi why she bought the food and questions where is Meet. Chavi says Meet is busy so let me feed you. Meet Ahlawat says Meet will feed him. Meet comes inside and asks Meet to have food from Chavi. Meet Ahlawat gives her gift and asks her to see it. Meet feels happy seeing upgraded keychain but Masoom signs her to not take than Meet leaves it and says she don’t need it. Masoom signs Chavi to make him eat. Chavi asks Meet to eat but he leaves saying he don’t want to eat. Mani kaka tells to Meet that Babita is calling her. Meet thinks how to make Meet have his breakfast than she goes to Babita room. Babita questions her why she breaked her trust by lying to them. Meet tries to tell something but Babita stops her.

Episode ends.