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The episode starts with Meet seeing in her phone the live footage of Narendra’s locket. But suddenly her phone gets switched off because of low battery. Meet asks Ishani if Wi-Fi is not good. Ishani says yes. Ishani leaves from there. Babita takes the phone from Meet and tells her to first take care of Mehandi.

Gunvanthi makes Shagun get ready for the Mehandi function and says it’s a good thing that her marriage didn’t get broken off. The lights go off. Gunvanthi asks Shagun to turn lights on her phone. Shagun recalls that her phone has fallen in Meet’s house and tells Gunvanthi about it. Shagun asks Gunvanthi if she should tell the truth to Manmeet. Gunvanthi says no. Gunvanthi asks Shagun to pray that no one finds her phone.

Meet sees a phone has fallen on the ground and asks Ishani to bring that phone to see whose is it. Ishani agrees and goes to get it.

Shagun thinks she needs to make Manmeet fall in her love again. Shagun comes to Manmeet and apologises to him. Shagun says she is jealous that why she went there and says he hit her and proved what she means to him. Manmeet gives ointment to Shagun for her cheek as he slapped on it. Sarkar and Yashoda think Shagun is a right match for Manmeet seeing them together. Yashoda later talks about Meet and says she prepared a special drama for him. Sarkar agrees. Sarkar sends others away except for his family members. Molki comes infront of Sarkar dressed as Meet Hudda. Molki starts preaching that both men and women are equal just like Meet Hudda. Gunvanthi comes there dressed as Yashoda and confronts Molki. The Sarkar’s family enjoy this drama. SP Bhati sees this and calls Meet and asks her if she saw the video. Meet says he didn’t as Wi-Fi is not right. SP Bhati says then she should come here as they are making a play on her in their Sangeet. Meet agrees. SP Bhati gets shocked as in the play Gunvanthi says Meet is going to this house new daughter in law and thinks why is that? Meet tries to leave but Babita stops Meet saying she can’t go out of the house now. Meet says SP Bhati called her and says Sarkar is planning something. Raj asks Babita to allow Meet to leave. Meet thanks Raj and leaves to the police station. Meet gives Shagun’s phone to Ran and asks him to get it repaired as soon as possible as they might find something from Shagun’s phone.

Gunvanthi asks Molki if she can do everything a man does. Molki says she can. Molki also proves that she can do a few things in the play like lifting weights like men, riding a bike. Gunvanthi asks Molki if she can take off her shirt and roam around the village like a guy. Molki says no. Gunvanthi who acts as Yashoda ties Molki who acts as Meet Hudda with a with a rope and blackens her face. The whole Sarkar’s family enjoys seeing this. Meet comes to the police station.

Episode ends.