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The episode starts with Meet falls into a pit and she shouts fir help. Meet Ahlawat waits for Meet and he started searching he. Meet feels suffocated because of her claustrophobic problem. Manushi thinks Meet, now you can’t seperate me and Meet Ahlawat and she leaves. Meet feels trembling than recalls Meet Ahlawat advice than she controls her breathing seeing the watch and she started counting numbers.

Meet Ahlawat asks Rajasthani people if they saw his wife who is short haired. They says she went to desert side. Meet Ahlawat asks their help to find his wife. Those man says find her quickly otherwise you can’t find her as there is warning of Sand Strom in next 24 hours. Meet Ahlawat asks them for help than they agrees to help him.

Manushi losts her way than she sits near tree thinking someone will save her in the next morning and i can’t afford to fell into a pit. Meet thinks your advice helped me Meet. Meet Ahlawat searches for Meet with other 2 Rajastani men help. Those men stops Meet Ahlawat saying they can’t move forward as it’s danger but Meet Ahlawat denies saying he have to save his wife and asks those men to return and he continues his search for Meet.

Next morning Meet wakesup and shouts for help than she tries hard to comeout from pit. Meet Ahlawat shouts for Meet while running in desert. Meet successfully comesout from Pit after several trails. Meet Ahlawat and Meet fall down in sand but they gets up. Meet Ahlawat shouts for Meet. Sand storm get started. Meet Ahlawat meets Meet amidst sand storm and he holds her hand and drags her towards him. Both fall down. Than Meet Ahlawat carries Meet in his arms. Sand storm gets settled. Meet Ahlawat asks where she went without informing him and i thought that i may have lost you.

Episode ends.

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