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The episode starts with Rajeev feeding curd to Anju as it’s auspicious when she is leaving for her meeting with client. She hopes to get the project and Poonam tells she will company her along in case something goes wrong. Anju says she will not be able to understand as they will be all speaking in English there and asks her to stay at home instead. Sumeet sees Poonam disappointed and tries to cheer her. She asks where Pankhuri is as Dr Khurana is coming for diagnosis. Pankhuri returns home and says she went to Dr Sharma to get her medicines changed and said she will not meet Dr Khurana.

Poonam asks Sumeet if she has any misunderstanding about Pankhuri. Sumeet denies about it and denies Dr Khurana to come. Shlok gathers all his family members and says he has bought gifts for Diwali. He shows the decorative items, firecrackers and personal gifts as well. Dadi asks Shlok where Sumeet’s gift is and Priyanka teases saying he must have bought something special and will her when they are alone. Shlok asks Sumeet to close her eyes and puts the new dress on her.

Sumeet mistakenly drops it on diya and it gets stained with oil. She says Poonam had said oil stains can be removed with talcum powder. Shlok brings bottle of talcum powder from Pankhuri’s room and when they try to pour it, powder doesn’t fall. Shlok opens the bottle and finds it filled with medicines. Sumeet says it belongs to Pankhuri and she did not eat them because she is not sick. She tries to convince Shlok to help her find truth or else some other family members will may suffer huge loss. Shlok denies but finally agrees when Sumeet requests to once talk to Dr Sharma and find truth from her in their style.

Anju returns home and Poonam asks her what happened at meeting. Client comes home and says wedding project will be given go their company but she has a wish that Poonam should be one supervising all the events and gives the advance cheque to Poonam. Anju gets disappointed and leaves from there when Poonam tries to give the cheque to her. Sumeet and Shlok disguise themselves and reach Dr Sharma’s clinic. Sumeet says she doesn’t look like someone who can do their work. She acts like arguing with Shlok.

Sumeet asks Dr Sharma if she can make fake reports of illness. Shlok shows her lot of money and Dr Sharma falls for it. She asks which illness reports do they want. Sumeet says her to show her any fake report she previously made because they will give her lakhs for the work. Dr Sharma shows them the file she made for Pankhuri from Ram Gali. Anju says Poonam that client likes her work so she should keep client’s cheque with herself. The latter makes Anju understand and asks her to smile. Shlok gets angry on Dr Sharma but she recalls how Pankhuri had already warned her about Shlok and Sumeet coming there for inquiry. She puts all the blame on Raj. The episode ends with Shlok scolding Sumeet for doubting Pankhuri and blames Raj .