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The episode starts with Shlok saying that Raj has cheated both Priyanka and Pankhuri. Priyanka says that when her video went viral only Raj stood by her side protecting her when Shlok was in Pakistan. Priyanka says he takes care of Pankhuri so much because she is his sister and for her happiness. She holds Raj’s hand and stands by his side. Priyanka says she will not tolerate any words against her fiance. Shlok asks Raj to look into Priyanka’s eyes and confess that he and Pankhuri has not done anything that is morally wrong.

Raj recalls being accused by Pankhuri for misbehaving with her and fails to look into Priyanka’s eyes. Shlok asks Sumeet to tell everyone what doctor said about Pankhuri’s illness. Pankhuri thinks if Shlok blames Raj he will explode and her lies will be caught. Before Shlok says about the same, Pankhuri says that whatever he is thinking is wrong. She says that if any mistake has been made it’s by both of them and continues that there is relationship between her and Raj. Raj being guilty doesn’t tell anything even when Priyanka keeps asking him to deny it.

Pankhuri keeps lying and says that she and Raj love each other which shocks everyone including Raj. She says that she has gathered lot of courage to confess. Sumeet tells that she is lying as Raj has taken swear on her and Meet that he loves only Priyanka. She argues with Shlok and sides with Raj. Raj stops Sumeet from arguing further and tries to calm her. He says Sumeet that he has to confess something. Raj tells that one day he and Pankhuri at his home but before he can complete Poonam slaps Raj angrily.

Poonam blames him for cheating Priyanka and stops him from addressing her as mother. She says he has played with respect of both daughters of their family. Priyanka falls unconscious and Shlok pushes Raj aside. Later Raj confronts Pankhuri for lying about him loving her. Pankhuri emotionally fools Raj saying that she did this for saving Shlok and Sumeet’s relationship. She says that if Shlok finds about him misbehaving with her, he will ask Sumeet to cut off ties with Raj. Pankhuri requests Raj to make Shlok believe they love each other for sake of Sumeet.

Priyanka gains consciousness and calls for Raj. Shlok denies to let her talk to Raj. Sumeet goes to Raj and says she knows he only loves Priyanka and must be hiding the truth for some genuine reason. She tries to convince him to stop hiding truth from Priyanka for sake of true love and advises him to be honest. Raj comes to meet Priyanka and confesses that he only loves her. Shlok and Poonam demand Raj to tell everything truthfully. Raj says even though he made a mistake but he has true feelings for Priyanka and will always have them. Raj and Sumeet share an emotional moment. Shlok advises Priyanka to move on from Raj. The episode ends with Shlok telling Priyanka to get all answers from Raj. Sumeet thinks to find out what Raj is hiding.