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The episode starts with Pankhuri calling Raj but he sternly tells her not to contact him anymore and disconnects her call. Pankhuri still wants to make Raj hers. Raj comes to Chowdhury house and Pankhuri thinks if he has come to tell the truth. Shlok angrily asks him to leave but Poonam asks Sumeet to bring Priyanka there. Sumeet says that Raj has come to talk marriage proposal for Priyanka. She says only Priyanka has right to make the decision. Shlok tells Priyanka not to tell yes unless she gets answers of all the questions.

Priyanka recalls Raj calling her and telling her everything from Pankhuri accusing him to him helping her out of guilt. He also said about always loving only Priyanka. Dadi and Poonam asks Priyanka to do what her heart says without feeling pressurized. Priyanka says she wants to marry Raj because he has already told all the truth to her. When Shlok asks her to share the truth, she says she wants to keep it between Raj and herself. Priyanka says she trusts Raj and even requests Shlok not to show his anger on Sumeet.

Dadi says if Priyanka has taken a decision, they should all respect it and she trusts Raj. Poonam says that marriage will take place in two days and they will do the haldi ritual today. Dadi says Shlok to forget everything and become a part of his sister’s happiness. Raj and Priyanka’s haldi ceremony begins. Sumeet says Shlok to listen to her once but he says her not to take Raj’s name infront of him. Pankhuri thinks she will not let the marriage happen. Sumeet goes to bring Priyanka to hall and thanks her for trusting Raj and says she can trust her too. Sumeet tells she has seen Raj suffocating because of the truth and requests Priyanka to tell her but she denies to share it.

Sumeet thinks Raj has never hidden anything from her and wonders what the secret is. Pankhuri says Shlok that Priyanka is innocent and he should stop the marriage. She emotionally manipulates him. Shlok says he is against marriage but is helpless as Priyanka herself wants to get married. Raj smiles seeing Priyanka and makes her sit next to him. Anju brings haldi and Sumeet tries to talk to Shlok but he keeps ignoring her.

Pankhuri recalls taking the letter written by Raj and thinks once Shlok finds the truth his anger will erupt. She stealthily drops the letter into Shlok’s pocket when he is talking on call. Family members apply haldi on Raj and Priyanka. Pankhuri goes to Shlok and asks him for handkerchief making the letter fall out of his pocket. Shlok notices and reads it. He drags Pankhuri aside and asks if what’s written in letter is true. Pankhuri cries and starts her acting again. She blames Raj and Sumeet for manipulating Priyanka to marry Raj who raped her. She even lies that Sumeet knows everything from when the incident happened. Shlok stops the marriage ritual and confronts Sumeet for supporting Raj . The episode ends with Sumeet reading the letter by Raj.