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Zee TV new show Meet starrer Ashi Singh and Shagun Pandey has come up with a fresh concept.

As reported earlier it’s shown, Meet instigated Meet Ahlawat saying he was coward and looser who can’t anything because of his failure of love. Meet Ahlawat shouted at her saying he was not looser. Meet left from room. Meet drank lemon water than pours cold water and got ready for meeting. Meet felt happy seeing him. Deep wishes him all the best and asked him to join the meeting. During the intro itself he can’t connect due to power cut. Meet helped him by arranging current through far batteries. Meet successfully attended his meeting and he informed to his family about it and he thanked Deep for helping him on time than Deep told to everyone that it’s all happened because of Meet Bhabhi.
Meet Ahlawat asks what he meant than Deep explains everything to him. Rajvardhan thanks Meet for bearing so much for them than Meet told him anything for family. Meet Ahlawat apologized to Meet for his behaviour and shared his problem with her. Meet decided to make him meet with Manushi to get his answers. 

In the upcoming episode viewers gonna witness Masoom says Meet did a great job last night with her courageous act so we should give her a gift. Babita ask what should we give her as gift. Masoom says let’s go to her place and thank her Mom and Dadi for giving us good Bahu like Meet. Babita agrees. Duggu hugs Meet and in tears says i won’t let you go anywhere. Meet says I’m not going permanently. Duggu says but Mumma was saying you won’t return back to this house. Meet thinks don’t know what Masoom is planning against me. 

Will Manushi finds the real face of Kunal? Will Meet find out Masoom trap against her?  

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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