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Zee TV Entertainment’s long running show Meet, is now showing viewers how Pankhuri out of jealousy and greed has been trying to destroy Raj and Pankhuri’s relationship. However Sumeet keeps doubting her intentions.

In the previous episode, Raj got shocked seeing Pankhuri lying on floor getting seizures. Sumeet feels even this is act put up by Pankhuri. Pankhuri drops Mayra’s photo frame. She starts her acting and says she wants to go to Mayra as she feels her daughter is not fine.

Pankhuri asks Priyanka what Raj talked to her earlier. The latter says she was touched by fact that Raj inspite of being so busy came to meet her when her health deteriorated.

Poonam says Sumeet about childhood incident when Pankhuri spoiled the doll Priyanka got from Ashok. Anju jokes that Priyanka is about to get Raj and wonders if Pankhuri can spoil the same. The episode end with Sumeet realising Pankhuri wants Raj.

In the upcoming episode, Shlok will bring dress for Sumeet and say his choice can never no wrong. Mistakenly Sumeet will drop it on diyas and it will get stained by oil. Sumeet will ask Shlok to get talcum powder to remove it. They will get shocked to see Pankhuri’s medicine in powder bottle. Later they will change disguise to find truth from doctor who will accept making fake reports for Pankhuri. To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space for more.