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Zee TV Entertainment’s show Meet is currently showing how Pankhuri has manipulated everyone to believe Raj is at fault however Priyanka still agrees to marry Raj and trust him. What will Pankhuri do next?

In the previous episode, Shlok said his family members that Raj has cheated both Priyanka and Pankhuri. Priyanka holds Raj’s hand and stands by his side. Raj recalls being accused by Pankhuri for misbehaving with her and fails to look into Priyanka’s eyes. Pankhuri says that if any mistake has been made it’s by both of them and continues that there is relationship between her and Raj.

Pankhuri keeps lying and says that she and Raj love each other which shocks everyone including Raj. Raj comes to meet Priyanka and confesses that he only loves her. Shlok and Poonam demand Raj to tell everything truthfully. Shlok advises Priyanka to move on from Raj.

In the upcoming episode, Shlok will ask Priyanka to deny Raj’s proposal however Priyanka will say that she wants to get married to Raj. Pankhuri will feel jealous and write to letter to Shlok that Raj and Sumeet has manipulated Priyanka to marry Raj and even will blame him for raping her. Shlok angrily will ask to stop marriage rituals. Will Pankhuri succeed in her evil game? To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space.