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The episode starts with Shivam wakes up. Urmila comes to meet Shivam but Sharad stops him and try to divert her. Shivam tells Saajeeri that his shirt is dirty and he wants to change. Urmila comes in the room and sees that Shivam is sleeping. Saajeeri hides herself with the clothes in the sofa. Urmila starts arranging the clothes because she gets angry to see the mess up. Sharad stops Urmila and tells her that he will arrange the clothes. Urmila walks away. Sharad close the door and tells Saajeeri to leave carefully. Saajeeri thinks that she refused Shivam’s proposal that’s why Shivam get hurt.

Shivam wakes up and starts remembering that Saanchi and Saajeeri has betrayed him. Shivam wants to forget Saanchi and he tells Nalini that he will marry the girl of her choice. Nalini gets happy. Shivam wear his headphones and Nalini takes Saajeeri’s name but Shivam didn’t hear the name. Shivam tells Nalini that he is happy with her choice.

Pandit ji tells Nalini that tomorrow is very auspicious for the engagement. Mandira tells Nalini that she is taking the decision without Urmila which is not good. Nalini tells Mandira that she has kept the proposal infront of Shivam and he agrees. Nalini calls Urmila to inform that Shivam is agreed for Saajeeri and tomorrow is his engagement. Vikram tells Nalini that she not do anything and starts yelling at her. Vikram tells Nalini that she will not take any decision but Pandit ji tells Nalini that after tomorrow there is no auspicious time in the next 2 years. Urmila agree for the engagement. The family members starts dancing with joy. Urmila ask Nalini that who is the girl but due to network disturbance Nalini didn’t hear the name properly because Urmila expect the girl is Saanchi but Nalini takes Saajeeri’s name but the phone gets disconnects. Mandira is shocked to know that Shivam is getting married to Saajeeri so she decides to confirm with Urmila but her phone is not reachable due to bad weather.

Supriya learns from Nalini that Shivam is agreed for the marriage. Supriya tells Nalini that now Shivam is ready and we shall starts the arrangement of the engagement. Saajeeri, Sangeeta and Supriya dances with joy and Saanchi is surprised to see. Saanchi thinks about Shivam.

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