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The episode starts with Saajeeri taking Shivam to the common toilet. Shivam hesitates to go but Saajeeri makes him feel comfortable. Saajeeri thinks that Shivam is facing a problem using the toilet. Shivam wants hand wash but Saajeeri gives soap to wash the hands. Shivam tells Saajeeri that how is so perfect in her house and she makes lots of mistakes in his room. Saajeeri tells Shivam that she has experience in her house.

Sharad tells Vikram that Shivam is not in the office. Nalini wants to call Saajeeri but Vikram tells her not to call her because she belongs from the slum area and his Shivam can’t go to that girl. Sharad tells Nalini that we can’t call Saajeeri because we have insulted her a lot.

Supriya serves the food to Shivam and Saajeeri. Shivam starts eating the food and he finds that food very spicy. Supriya gives the water to Shivam because he starts coughing. Sangeeta tells Shivam that she calls him by the name Mirchi ka Thecha. Shivam tells Saajeeri that she tells everyone about the name.

Nalini calls Supriya and she picks up the call. Urmila tells everyone what Shivam is doing in Saajeeri’s house. Everyone starts asking Urmila how she sees Shivam in the video call.
Supriya and Sangeeta set the bed for Shivam. Saajeeri tells Supriya to bring the water.

Everyone starts questioning Urmila that she can see. Urmila tells everyone that she can feel that Shivam is in Saajeeri’s house. Nalini calls Supriya again and she tells her that Shivam is her house. Supriya tells Nalini that due to bad weather Shivam is staying for the night. Mandira starts taunting Urmila. Vikram blames Nalini for sending Shivam to Saajeeri. Urmila tells Vikram to stop the fight because Shivam is fine now and how will he adjust there. Adarsh tells Vikram that Shivam is irresponsible. Nalini thanks Bappa because her Shivam is safe.

Saajeeri tells Shivam that how will he sleep without the AC. Shivam tells Saajeeri that the weather is good and he can sleep in this condition. Saajeeri goes to sleep and Saajeeri starts moving her hands and legs towards Saajeeri. Shivam gets irritated because of the mosquito. Saajeeri tells Shivam that why he is not sleeping and clapping. Shivam tells Saajeeri that mosquito is biting him. Saajeeri brings the mosquito repellent cream for Shivam and by the time she returns Shivam went to sleep. Shivam starts sweating and Saajeeri starts blowing the fan to Shivam.

Urmila comes to her room and she starts hearing the sound of the fan. Urmila sees that the fan breaks. Urmila thinks that Saajeeri has been thrown out of the house because of her acting. Urmila sets the conspiracy and she bribes the doctor for telling the lie. Urmila thinks that why Shivam has gone to Saajeeri’s house but she wants Saanchi to come back in Shivam’s life.

Precap-Shivam brings back Saajeeri and Urmila is very angry.

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