For Producer Amit Mishra and wife Sudha Mishra it was no less than a dream come true when the duo met the ultimate superstar of the Indian silver screen – Rajinikanth. It was a couple of years back when the South superstar went to Lucknow for the shoot of his film Petta. Amit’s wife Sudha requested that if she can meet the star. Amit says, “I have been associated with the film industry for quite some time now but my wife Sudha never asked for anyone. Rajinikanth is special and he is that one phenomenal actor who has written his own destiny.

I couldn’t say no to my wife’s wish so somehow we went to the location and saw a sea of people gathered there to just have a glimpse of him. I had some connections with the online producer of the film so we could manage a meeting with Rajinikanth sir. The moment we entered his vanity van there was an aura of the superstar which we could feel. Both of us were mesmerized by his presence and we could feel that why he is known as the most powerful star.

The first thing we did was to touch his feet; obviously, he was embarrassed. But the decision to touch his feet was spontaneous and we did not plan. It was his presence, the vibes, and his personality that led to this reaction. The whole incident is still so fresh in our memory that we often go back to the incident and cherish our special moment. Now I have one more dream that one day I would like to make a film in which Rajinikanth Sir will act.” Amit is producing the film 9th Floor. The film has Deepali Saini, Shahid Talwar, Geet Shah, and Puneet Singh in it. It’s a thriller-horror genre.”

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