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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mehendi Wala Ghar is now focusing on the cricket match on which many decisions of Mehendi Wala Ghar will be depended. Mauli will be asked to do the bat when only ball is left. Though Mauli will do her best but Mehendi Wala Ghar will fail to secure their victory.

In the current episode, Mauli brings a victory to Mehendi Wala Ghar. Mauli’s teammates run into the field to celebrate their and congratulates her. Shubhadra doesn’t seem impressed regarding the whole process. She waits for the right when she will take the revenge snatching the most favourite thing from Mehendi Wala Ghar. Jagmohan handles the situation and asks Shubhadra to go home.

When Rati notices Rahul and Mauli in the terrace together, she feels jealous and takes away Rahul with her giving some false excuses. Rati asks the relationship advice from Mauli. She insists Mauli but the latter doesn’t feel it easy. Rati starts doubting the wonderful chemistry between Mauli and Rahul. She wants to clarify it through judging the psychology behind Mauli. After a while, Mauli is insisted to take the picture by Rahul.

In the upcoming episode, Shubhadra will conspire with Vicky to break the marriage of Karan and Manisha, so she don’t have to come in this house again.

To know how Manoj deals with Manas, keep watching Mehndi Wala Ghar.