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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mehendi Wala Ghar is now focusing on the conspiracy of Shubhadra and Amit Trivedi. A troubling arrives in the mehndi wala Ghar when all the family members celebrate the marriage ceremony of Manisha. Reading the letter Nanhe becomes totally freaked out but he hides the truth from everyone including Janki Maa. The letter says that the government will smash the house of Janki wala Ghar since it was made without any legal law.

In the current episode, Rahul’s father announces that Rahul is going to finalize his engagement with Rati today. Vaibhav announces that Rati will give them a surprise and want to take a test of Rahul’s love. At the same time a group of lady come under the veil, Rahul is ask to identify the correct partner of them. Rahul’s cousin and uncles encourage him to participate in the game. Finally Rahul choses Mauli as his partner instead of Rati. When everyone notices the face of Mauli, they’re all left shocked.

In the upcoming episode, Shubhadra and Amit Trivedi will plan to smash the house of Mehendi Wala Ghar. They will arrive with a bulldozer in the house of Janki to destroy it out imposing a false case. All the family member will be thunderstruck by the action of Amit but they will be seemed totally helpless by the situation. Mauli will try to protect the house.

To know how Manoj deals with Manas, keep watching Mehndia Wala Ghar.