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Episode begins with Pallavi coming to the house of Raghav to pay him the money back in his house. She is talking to him in marathi language and he is replying to her in a telugu language and she is not understanding anything. However she is shocked by his behaviour and thinks what is wrong with him?

She hurriedly gives him the envelope of money and it turns out to be her envelope of sanitary napkins. He smiled and said this is a great place for you to hide money. She gets embarrassed and gives him another envelope of money and says there is a full amount of money for you, do count it and leave her comb in his house.

Raghav gets a call from Farhad and he asks him to come to her house immediately . He comes with so much hurry and is about to enter the house and Farhad stops him and says you can not go inside and he gets angry. Later on, he notices that his mother and sister are coming out fully decked up to go with him for the award function where he is about to get rewarded with entrepreneur of the year honour.

He gets emotional and happy to see this and is about to take blessings from his mother but as soon as he bends to take blessings someone calls his name from behind. He looks back and gets shocked to see that the entire media is behind him and is clicking pictures of him. They directly accuse him of trying to play with a girl’s dignity and then make her leave the city using his money and power.

Raghav is taken aback with all the accusations hurled at him and he doesn’t understand how to react to the entire situation and is feeling uneasy when he says for hard to take his mother and his sister inside the house but before forehead can reach out to them the media surrounded her and starts to ask her what kind of an upbringing she gave to him and if her husband was like him as well? Raghav gets extremely angry with all this and he starts to beat a journalist for behaving so rudely with his mother.

However his mother got disturbed with the entire thing and she fainted on the spot. Pallavi also hears the news on tv and she gets shocked but believes the information due to her own experience with him. Raghav asks for the heart of who always and how I need the exact and entire information as soon as possible. He goes to meet his mother but she gets excited and berates him for trying to play with a girl’s dignity.

On the other hand Pallavi gets insulted by Amrita for saying something to her. Later on, Farhad brings all the blood reports of his food being spiked and pictures of Anjali visiting the media house officers with the pictures and unfortunately in the CCTV footage she gets slapped with Pallavi as well and Raghav things it is pallavi’s plan and he gets angry for dragging his family into this mess and was to destroy her in all sorts.

Precap – Raghav abducts Pallavi.