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It seems the misunderstanding between Raghav and Pallavi reached another level. Will these two ever try to understand eachother?

In previous episode of Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali we had seen that Pallavi decides to not to go to Kolhapur and prove herself innocent by staying here. When Raghav threatened to kill the doctor by driving the car over speed limit doctor agreed to say. Pallavi shows her blood report to the family members stating there was no abortion done by her. Everyone looks happy But Sulochana questions saying the doctor is your friend so why we need to believe and asks other’s not to believe.

Raghav arrives Deshmukh’s house saying he knows who done that abortion. Mansi’s in-laws shocked to hear this new information and asks what’s happening here. Sulochana accused Pallavi saying she abort Raghav’s child. Further Sulochana says Pallavi has no morals and there is no one to teach her. Hearing this Pallavi’s brother and his wife asks her not to say such things against Pallavi.

Raghav asks Pallavi what happened to your honesty and respect now. Pallavi says we have no relationship between us except you are my client and asks him to leave the house. Raghav warns if they involve his name once again even by mistake he will not let the entire family live peacefully and leaves. Rahul accuses Mansi for hiding such big things from him and not trusting him enough. Asha and Rahul leaves the house. Pallavi consoles Mansi saying she will make Rahul understand everything.

In upcoming episode, Pallavi will tell Raghav because of his misunderstanding he is going to pay for his next seven lives. Later Raghav will get furious where else Farhad will say that he is sure it has nothing to do with Pallavi. Raghav will ask Pallavi’s assistant’s name from Farhad and says if it’s anything to do with Pallavi, he will ruin the entire Deshmukh’s family. Vijay will throw Pallavi out of the house.

Will Pallavi able to convince Mansi’s fiancée?

What is the reason behind Furious Raghav?

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