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Raghav’s revelation caused Mansi’s marriage which increases Pallavi’s dislike towards Raghav. Now viewers are eagerly waiting to see Will Raghav listen to his mother and apologize to Pallavi and her family?

In the current track, Pallavi tries to stop Milind from throwing Sulochana out of the house. Milind accidentally hurts Pallavi and apologize to her. Farhad asks Raghav why he helped Pallavi to which Raghav replies he only cleared his name. During the conversation between Farhad and Ram, Farhad says that he wish to see both Pallavi and Raghav together and prays to god the same. Milind tells everyone what Sulochana did is a Sin and it’s not forgivable and then breaks down.

Vijay, Sharda, Pallavi’s brother and his wife tries to make Sulochana understand whatever she did is wrong. Sulochana lashes out saying she will make everything right. Mansi tells Sulochana that she ruined her life just like the lehenga pieces, everything happened because of her and she has to live with that rest of her life. Pallavi thinks that she will not let Raghav live happily after snatching her family’s happiness. Amruta misbehaves with Pallavi when Pallavi tries to advice her and leaves the place.

Raghav goes to meet his mother after receiving a call from his mother’s bodyguard. Then scolds him for scaring him telling something big happened to his mother. After he asked the doctor to come and check his mother he saw his mother’s hand made ‘Kheer’. He smiles and asks her she made this for him? She says there was extra milk so she made it. Raghav tells his mother that he saved Pallavi’s reputation. When he explains everything in detail his mother scolds him and says, when a right thing done in a wrong time is also considered as ‘wrong’ so she asked him to apologize to Pallavi.

Raghav obeys to his mother’s words. Milind tells Vijay that he was going to inform everyone that Mansi’s marriage is called off. Pallavi hear this and decides to convince Asha at any cost. When Raghav and Pallavi meet each other on the road they get into an argument. Raghav tells Pallavi he will not wait for Karma. Pallavi says you are right even she is not going to wait for Karma and gives him money to clean his car which has dirt on it. Sulochana in her room thinks about whatever happened and promised to ruin both Pallavi and Raghav.

Why Farhad is warning Raghav?

How Pallavi is going to convince Mansi’s in-law?

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