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The episode starts with Mauli going somewhere, but her hand gets stuck, so Manas comes to help her. Mauli snatches her hand and then says that she doesn’t need his help and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Janki maa tells herself that it’s difficult to bring Manas and Mauli together, but she should do it at any cost. Here, Mauli’s alter ego tells her that she has feelings for Rahul and also how she feels about both Rahul and Manas. Mauli denies it. She also tells that both her and Rahul are just friends. Her alter ego asks about her relationship with Manas. Mauli decides to inform Manoj that she doesn’t have any feelings for Manas. She then goes to Manoj’s room, but she hears both Ajanta and Manoj’s conversation about Manas’s efforts to win Mauli’s heart. Manoj tells Ajanta that he is glad that Manas is changing. He further says that he doesn’t want Manas to repeat the mistake he has made. Mauli, who hears everything from outside, thinks that she can’t hurt Manoj with her direct decision. She then leaves from there.

Ajanta instructs Manoj to compliment her dish as she is competing. Manoj agrees. Swara and Tanvi jokes about how they have fooled Ajanta by sharing a false recipe. Hari and Nanhe tasted Swara, Tanvi, and Jyoti’s sweets. Ajanta gets shocked seeing her sweets aren’t there, so she informs Manoj, who asks her to check with Mauli and Manas. Ajanta agrees. Swara, Tanvi, and Jyoti get blessings from Hari and Nanhe.

Here, Mauli informs Ajanta about the blunder she made while making kheer. Ajanta gets shocked. She thanks both Mauli and Manoj. She realises that both Swara and Tanvi fooled her. She gets upset. But she gets both Hari and Nanhe’s blessings too surprising Swara and Tanvi.

Rahul and his cousins make preparations of Holi colours. Mini arrives there. Rahul encourages her to help them, but Mini vent out her frustration with Rahul about the things both Janki maa and Akshay tell her during the visit of her friends. She then leaves from there. Akshay hears it. He then informs Rahul and his cousins that he has no interest in playing Holi. Rahul tries to change his decision, but Akshay refuses. Ajay, Vijay, and Manoj also refuse to play Holi too which upset their son’s. Meanwhile, Ajanta confronts both Swara and Tanvi for spoiling her dish by giving her wrong information. All three of them get into an argument. Mauli arrives there. She tries to calm down, but she fails. Swara and Tanvi leave the place. Ajanta refuses to play Holi and then leaves. Mauli gets shocked and worried.

Rahul and his cousin’s informs to Mauli that their Holi programme is cancelled because no one is interested in playing. Mauli encourages them to find a solution. Manas asks Mauli to convince Manoj, but Mauli shuts his mouth with her befitting reply. She then shares her plan with Rahul and others. The next day, Rahul and his cousin created a water baloon fight between Swara, Tanvi, and Ajanta. Mauli gets happy seeing the outcome of her plan.

Precap: Rahul informs the family that Manas forced himself on Mauli. Everyone gets shocked.

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