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Episode starts with the conversation between Akshay and Manoj. They both come to learn about the letter which has received by Nanhe. Nanhe explained that he didn’t do any mistake in the past, in spite of checking the legal procedure thoroughly, this letter is sent to their house. The whole family could able to wrap of the matter how they will deal this crucial situation. Nanhe feels devastated to think the consequence of this situation, he doesn’t want to spoil the happiness of other members of the family. Manoj and Akshay both assure him that nothing will be happen which will destroy their family. But Nanhe tells that he doesn’t have any proof fight against this accusation. Manoj promises to his father that he will protect this house by hook or crook.

On the other hand, Gullu and Vaibhav plan to celebrate the marriage ceremony of Rahul and Rati. Gullu insists Mauli to give her suggestion about the mehndi program, but she doesn’t want to be involved in this whole matter. Seeing Mauli, Rahul feel something unusual in his heart but Rati gets insecured. She tries to show a intimate relationship with Rahul to make her jealous. Gullu starts a game amongst the cousins to know about the personal likes and dislikes of Manisha. When everyone fails to answer question only Mauli gives the right answer which surprises Rahul.

In the same day Manoj and Akshay reach in the office to investigate the case. As soon as Amit large that Manoj and Akshay have arrived in his office he intentionally makes them wait, but doesn’t meet with him for once. He also instructs his assistant not to disclose his identity to them. In the same time Suprabha calls Amit to know about the matter, Amit assures her that mehndi wala Ghar has already received the legal notice but they are pretending to be okay. Suprabha couldn’t able to understand why and how they have suppressed this troubling news. After a long time Amit Trivedi let them entry in his office cabin but he seeds back towards them so that Akshay and Manoj couldn’t able to see his face. Although they start the conversation about the notice,

At last Amit Trivedi shows his real face which triggers of the past animosity among them. Manoj and Akshay both understand that Amit Trivedi is the reason behind this letter. Amit talks with them in a very insulting manner. But they couldn’t able to do anything. They both remember how Amit insulted their sister and tried to spoil her whole life. Amit proposes them to send their sister to his office, which makes Akshay and Manoj both very angry. Amit Trivedi threads them that he will smash their mehndi wala Ghar within 3 days when to brothers also challenge him that they will protect their family by hook or crook.

Mauli decides to leave the mehndi wala Ghar but Jyoti doesn’t want to let her go. She requests Rahul to stop Mauli.

Episode ends.

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