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The episode starts with Mauli encouraging herself to stay brave and fulfil the responsibilities of Mini’s wedding as she knows about broken marriage. She also says that once Mini’s wedding takes place, Manoj can get forgiveness. Meanwhile, Manas tells Ajanta that he wants to leave the house soon. Ajanta requests him to stay until the ring ceremony completes, and then she will make up an excuse to make him leave. Manas agrees. All the family members gather for Mini’s engagement. Mauli decides to confront Mini later not to interrupt her engagement. Mini and Vicky exchange the rings. Janki maa blesses the couple. Manas leaves the place. Rahul thinks in his mind that he should advise Mauli to reveal her broken marriage truth to everyone instead of hiding it.

Later, Tanvi finds Swara writhing in leg pain and aiding herself on her own. She has complained to Swara for not changing since the beginning. They both recall the time Swara sprained her ankle, but instead of getting treated, she made up an excuse. Swara asks Tanvi to focus on what’s happening around them. Instead of staying behind, Manas left the ceremony in-between, and Ajanta didn’t stop him. Tanvi tells her that they can’t expect anything from Ajanta. Meanwhile, Manoj shares his disappointment with Manas for leaving Mini’s engagement ceremony in-between. Ajanta tries to defend Manas, but Manoj refuses to listen to her. He also says that Manas should start taking his responsibility as a husband and support Mauli. Ajanta thinks in her mind that if Manoj increases his hope on Mauli-Manas’s relationship, then she should have to tell him the truth about their relationship, which has come to an end.

At night, Janki maa thanks the family members for helping her conduct Mini’s engagement in a peaceful way. She then demands the truth about the alcohol spiked drink. She questions Samay, who served the drink to Vicky and his family members. Samay swears it’s not him who spiked the drink. Meanwhile, Mini questions Mauli for taking her to a fair instead of tailor. Mauli confronts her for planning to break her marriage. Mini refuses to accept Mauli’s allegations, but Mini makes her hear the recording, which leaves Mini speechless. Mauli encourages Mini to confess her the truth behind her decision. Mini feels helpless.

Here, Samay tells it’s Vaibhav who gave him the juice tray. Vaibhav also tells it’s not him who spiked the drink. Swara and Tanvi get into an argument after Vaibhav tells the family members it’s Rahul who made the juices. Manoj suggests searching the bottle in the house. Everyone agrees.

Meanwhile, Mauli tells Mini the importance of marriage. She also asks Mini if she loves someone else? Mini denies it. Mauli feels that Rahul is unnecessarily creating this chaos to go back to London. Mini takes a stand for Rahul, saying he is the only one supporting her, which confuses Mauli. Rahul arrives there. He informs Mauli about Vicky’s behaviour towards Mini, which shocks Mauli. Mini cries hard. Here, Samay finds the alcohol bottle from Vaibhav’s bag, but Vaibhav pleads with Janki maa to trust him. Ajay raises his hand on Vaibhav, but Janki maa says that Vaibhav is innocent and that sooner they’re going to learn the person behind this.

Precap: Janki maa asks Mauli to bring proof against Vicky to call off Mini’s wedding. Otherwise, Mini has to marry Vicky. Mauli looks worried.

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