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The episode starts with Mauli taking a stand for Karan, so she faces the Agrewal brothers’ questions. Mauli explains the reason behind her, and Rahul aren’t disclosing the truth to them. She defends their decision. She further talks about Manisha’s feelings for Karan. She then requests the Agrewal brothers not to snatch Manisha’s love from her, which she gets after many years. Rahul also explains to them. Karan tells the Agrewal brothers that he isn’t like Vicky, but he will let them decide whatever they want for Manisha’s better future, then he leaves from there. Manoj, Mauli, and other’s looks confused and worried.

Manisha hears the story telling of Hari to his grandparents. She then thinks in her mind that even both Karan and Vicky are totally different, but people won’t accept it. Meanwhile, the Agrewal brothers decide to fix Manisha’s alliance with Karan because that’s the better for her. Akshay refuses to reveal to Janki maa about the relationship of Karan and Vicky. But his brother’s convinces him. Mauli and Rahul get happy. Mauli hopefully tells Rahul that now all she wants is that Janki maa to approve Manisha and Karan’s relationship.

Suprabha comes to the Mehndi Wala Ghar with Vicky. She reveals to the family members about Manisha’s love for Karan. She insults the entire family members. Manisha gets tensed, but Janki maa and the family members stand for Manisha. Hari demands proof from Suprabha and Vicky. Vicky asks Janki maa and others to inquire with Manisha’s brothers about it to confirm it. The Agrewal brothers arrive there. Suprabha makes fun of the Agrewal’s. Manoj takes a stand for Manisha. One by one, everyone stands for Manisha, followed by Mauli and Manoj. Suprabha and Vicky badly criticise Manisha and the Agrewal’s, which infuriates the men in the family. They all argue with Suprabha and Vicky. Hari stops them. He also sends them out.

Later, Mauli and the Agrewal brothers speak in favour of Manisha in front of Janki maa. Janki maa asks Manisha about her relationship with Karan. Manisha confesses that she indeed likes Karan, which shocks her. But she also tells that she has broken up with Karan learning Vicky’s truth. Janki maa remains silent.

The entire Agrewal brothers plead with Janki maa to approve Manisha and Karan’s relationship, saying that they have inquired about Karan. They also tell her that Karan respects Mauli. Janki maa decides to invite Karan to their house, and then she leaves from there. The enrire family asks Manisha to invite Karan to their house, but the latter fears about Suprabha. Mauli encourages Manisha to call Karan. Manisha agrees.

There, Hari tells Janki maa that the most expected day has arrived, but it’s so confusing, too. Janki maa tells both Hari and Narayan that the entire family has suffered because of the love marriage that happened years back. She didn’t want her family to break again, so she made a decision after thinking about a lot. Narayan looks confused while Hari signs at him in an assuring way.

Precap: Manoj and Mauli try to convince Suprabha to approve Manisha-Karan’s relationship, but Suprabha demands an apology from Manoj shocking everyone.

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Mehndi Wala Ghar 23rd April 2024 Written Update: Mauli’s decision upsets Rahul