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The episode starts with Janki maa getting emotional seeing her son’s who arrived there. Hari thinks in his mind how the brothers have arrived learning about Janki maa’s health. He looks happy. Mini complains to Guru about the Agrewal brothers’ return. She also tells him that Janki maa won’t forgive them, which Mauli hears it, and she gets upset. Hari looks at Mauli with a smile on her house. Janki maa refuses to take the Agrewal brothers’ help. She completes the puja with the help of Akshay. She then enters the house, followed by Akshay and his family members. Mauli, Hari, and the Agrewal brothers look upset. Hari signs at a worried Mauli in an assuring way. Mauli prays to God for the reunion of the Agrewal family. Swara and Tanvi also arrive there.

Janki maa ignores the Agrewal brothers, and she suggests the priest to start the puja. Priest obliges. Agrewal brothers look sad, so Hari invites them inside the house, saying anyone can participate in a puja, so one by one, all three brothers enter the house. Swara and Tanvi also go inside. Vijay ignores Manoj, which Ajay notices it. Hari asks Mauli to get inside the house to be part of the puja, but Mauli shares with him about her earlier meet-up with Mauli. Hari praises Mauli for making Janki maa understand her actions the other day. He then encourages her to enter the house. Mauli obliges, and she enters the house.

Priest begins the puja in Agrewal’s house. Guru shares with Mini about Ajay, Vijay, and Manoj’s relationships with them. Jyoti scolds both Guru and Mini for bickering during the puja. Janki maa recalls her plea to Manoj not to leave the house, but Manoj refused to listen to her and left the house. She also recalls pleading with Vijay not to leave the house, but she didn’t stop Ajay when he left the house. She also remembers telling Hari that she is aware that even Ajay will leave the house eventually, so there is no use of trying to stop Ajay. At present, Janki maa gets emotional, which Hari notices. He thinks in his mind that he knows the reason behind Janki being emotional. Janki maa gets upset when two women gossip about the Agrewal brothers’ return claiming they must have returned to demand a property share.

After the puja completes, the people who attended the puja leaves except the Agrewal brothers. Manoj pleads with Janki maa to forgive him for the mistake he made. Vijay lashes out at Manoj, but Janki maa indirectly warns Vijay. Janki maa then demands her family members who called the Agrewal brothers here. Mauli decides to inform it’s her, but Hari admits to Janki that it’s his idea. He also speaks in favor of the Agrewal brothers, but Janki maa refuses to forgive them. She also demands the brothers to leave the house and then goes inside. Mauli recalls Janki maa doing puja for her son’s, so she comes out of it, and she raises a question to Janki maa for still loving her son’s yet demanding them to leave the house. Janki maa gets shocked. Mauli pleads with Janki maa to forgive her father. Hari introduces Mauli as Manoj’s daughter in law.

Precap: Janki maa allows the Agrewal brothers to stay in the house as guests. Manisha refuses to accept her brothers. She also demands Janki maa to either choose her or her brothers shocking everyone.

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