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Sony TV’s newly launched show Mehndi Wala Ghar is a story of a girl named Mauli, who is an orphan who determines to help her adopted father reconcile his relationship with his family in Ujjain. Now that Mauli will bring Manoj to Ujjain to unite him with his family, it will be interesting to watch what will happen next.

In the current track it shows that Janki refuses to forgive the worker who failed to do proper work. She also fires him from work. Mauli expresses her gratitude towards Manoj for taking care of her since her parent’s death. She also scolds Manoj for not taking care of himself. Mauli gets married to Manas, but Manas decides to return to his girlfriend Aasna, so Manoj disowns Manas. Manas leaves the house.

Manoj gets a heart attack. His wife demands Mauli not to make a big issue over the fact that Manas left her also focus on saving Manoj’s life. Mauli obliges. After Manoj’s surgery, Mauli signed a contract with a new hospital to work there. Manoj shares with Mauli about his family members and their stories who are staying in Ujjain.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Mauli will say to Manoj that she will accompany him to Ujjain to his Mehndi Wala Ghar. Manoj will get happy. Janki will inform her family that if he returns home, he will not get his forgiveness. Instead, he will receive humiliation . He will get beaten up. The Agrewal’s gets shocked.

Manoj’s wife will say to Mauli that if the latter fails to help Manoj get his forgiveness from his family, then she has to leave their house forever. Mauli will get shocked.

The Agrewal’s will be seen going towards a temple in Ujjai. Manoj will reach Ujjain with his wife and Mauli. Manoj will look happy. Janki will be seen distract.

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