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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mehndi Wala Ghar is gearing up for more drama where Rahul beats up Manas for misbehaving with Mauli

In the previous episode, we saw that the water balloon fight between Swara, Tanvi, and Ajanta. They all then heard the laughing sound of the Agrewal brothers, so they went to see the cause behind their laugh. Agrewal brothers shared their issues with each other while they were in their intoxicated state because of Bhang.

Rahul informed Mauli it was him who gave them the bhang. Mauli remained worried about the outcome of Rahul’s plan. The entire family got emotional witnessing the brothers reunion. Both Janki maa and Hari blessed Rahul and Mauli.

The entire family celebrated Holi. Mauli ignored Manas. Manas decided to execute his plan so that he could able to get Manoj’s properties soon. He locked himself and Mauli in a room. He tried to misbehave with her.

Mauli pleaded with him to leave her, but Manas refused to listen to her. Rahul beaten up Manas for his misbehaviour, which led to a fight between both Manoj and Vijay. Janki maa shouted at them for forgetting their morals.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Janki maa will ask Mauli to tell them whether Manas tried to misbehave with her or not. Mauli will remain silent with teary-eyed. Manoj will encourage Mauli to tell the truth without any fear as they all are with her.

Manas will think in his mind that if Mauli informed the family members about his deeds, then his plan would be foiled. Janki maa will encourage Mauli to tell them the truth about Rahul’s allegations against Manas. Mauli will nod her head, which will shock the entire family. Manas will look upset while Rahul looks furious.

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