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Sony Entertainment Television’s show Mehndi Wala Ghar is gearing up for more drama where Mini gets Rahul’s support in front of her friends.

In the previous episode, we saw a dispute among all the brothers. Mauli tried to unite all the brothers in the Holi programme, but Akshay didn’t want to enjoy the Holi with all his brothers to become nostalgic.

Manas requested Mauli to dance with him, but she doesn’t agree to do so. Suddenly, all the friends of Minnie arrive in the Mehendi Wala Ghar, which makes everyone surprised. Actually, Manas invited them to make Mauli embarrassed.

Janki Maa rebuked Mauli since she disobeyed the words of Janki. Manas tried to be a good man and apologized to Janki for the sake of Mauli. Rahul forbidden Manas to do this drama.

Rahul explained the hypocrisy of Manas and assumed that Manas called the friends to prove himself as a great. Manas feels very cornered. All the friends insult Minnie for inviting them to insult. Minnie feels very insulted and devastated and expresses her own grudges for her father. Rahul comes to her and asks her not to be worried.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Rahul, Samay, and Vaibhav will be seen preparing Holi colours. Akshay will arrive there. He will ask them to play the Holi colours together. But he will also warn them not to apply colours on him, saying that he isn’t interested in playing Holi. Akshay’s decision will shock everyone. Rahul will try to change Akshay’s decision, but he fails in it.

Ajay will decide not to play Holi too because Akashy isn’t going to take part in it. Vijay, Manoj, and everyone will get sad. Mauli will arrive there. Rahul will share with her about Akshay’s decision. Mauli will get shocked. She will get determined to make Akshay and the brothers play Holi together at any cost.

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