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The episode starts with the priest asking Bulbul and Veer to do a ritual. He tells them that they shouldn’t stop in the middle or else it will be a bad omen. They starts the rituals. Bulbul fails to notice the glass shreds there. Veer noticed it and steps on it to prevent her from getting hurt. He didn’t stop in the middle and completed the rituals. Bulbul notices his wound. She tears her saree and tied it around his wound. The priest blessed them. He says that they have to love each other like this forever. Trust is important in their relationship. When the trust breaks then the relationship is over. Bulbul thinks whether to reveal the truth to Veer or else hide the truth for her father. Geetha hugs her.

Veer takes Bulbul to his house. She is lost in her thoughts. He asks her what’s bothering her? He already said to her that she can share anything with him. She has to be loyal to him. She shouldn’t hide the truth. He promised to support her always. Bulbul is about to reveal the truth. Vardhan, Vayu and Varmika come there with a music. They dances there. Varadha asks Bulbul to come inside. She hesitates. She thinks that they are giving respect to her and believing her. But she is breaking their trust on her. Vayu asks Bulbul if she going to leave Veer? Varadha asks him not to talk like this. Vayu complaints that he is a good police officer. He is serving to people not to his wife. He is a unromantic husband. He asks him to love his wife too. Varadha says that he is right. He gives permission to him to romance her. He turns back. Vayu asks him to prove it. Veer carries Bulbul in his hand and enters into the house.

Vardha blessed them. He asks Bulbul why she is looking upset. Veer says that she may be missing her parents. Varadha says that she shouldn’t miss them. She will get all the love from this family. She brings the happiness to this family after so many years. He says that he has a surprise for her. Bulbul is surprised to see the golgappe there. She says that she loves it. Varadha says that he couldn’t welcome her well last time. This is for her. She challenged them to eat everything alone. Viyuk asks Veer to challenge her. Both have an golgappe eating challenge. She gives up for Veer. He wins in it. Varadha notices the news and call Veer. DGP suspended Rana from his position for tried to perform a minor girls wedding by creating a fake birth certificate. Varadha says that truth wins. He advises to Veer. Veer says that it’s better to die then doing such things. Bulbul leaves from there. Vayu asks him to spend time with Bulbul.

Bulbul recalls the incidents. She worries about Veer. He says that something happened. She isn’t sharing with him.

Episode end

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Mera Balam Thanedaar 12th February 2024 Written Update: