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The episode starts with Bulbul colliding with Veer. She asks him to hit her head again or else they will fight. Veer thinks that she is acting like Bulbul. She pretends to get close with him. He asks her to give the list to him. Bulbul veil sticks with an nail. She fears about getting catch. Veer helps her to remove it. She gives a fake list to him. He says that she didn’t give any address to him. She flirts with him. He leaves from there. The staff comes there. Bulbul thanked him for helping her. She offers money to him.

Later, Kaveri complaints to Sulakshana that Bulbul went out without informing her. She isn’t giving respect to her. Bulbul returns to home. She asks her why did she went out? Bulbul says that she thought to purchase this things to gift the guest. How will they allow them to leave in an empty hand? Sulakshana appreciates her thoughts.

Sulakshana asks her if she wanted to ask her anything more? Kaveri says that they will obey their husband words always. She might listen to her husband . Bulbul asks her to teach her how to obey him. Bulbul acts like her husband and order her to stand up and sit down often. She gets tired. Vaayu recorded everything. She says that she can’t do it anymore. She has to take care of her body too. Bulbul says that she is right. We have to take care of ourselves or else they can’t take care of the family members.

Veer is checking the case details. He thinks that Veer may met that girl in his college. Vaayu sent Bulbul’s video to him. He smiles seeing it. He gets an idea. He says to Druv that college students won’t reveal anything to him because he is a police. But they will inform him everything when he becomes their friend. The next day, Bulbul and Varnika reached to the college. Veer disguised like a Happy Singh. The principal introduced him to everyone. He says that government took a decision to teach self defence to the college students. He appointed him to reach a self defence to his college students. Bulbul and Varnika notices the college is empty. They notices Happy Singh there. He is talking about self defence. Bulbul loses her balance and falls on his arms. They shares an eye lock.

Happy Singh says to Bulbul that she don’t need to worry about her safety. He will teach self defence to her. Bulbul says that she is already married. She don’t need this all. Bulbul scolds him and leaves. Veer thinks that if Bulbul not able to recognise him then no one can’t recognise him. He is determined to find the truth. Meanwhile, Happy Singh gets the college students attention. He asks Bulbul to come volunteer. He will teach a self defence to her. He dances with her. She beats him. Happy Singh falls on the floor. He says that she is expert so she don’t need this self defence. Happy Singh motivates the students to confess the truth. He narrates the situation to them and ask them how will they protect themselves from such situation. Those girls are flirting with him. Bulbul thinks that they are flirting with them. He thinks that they will reveal the truth to him. Later, Servant takes the clothes from Bulbul’s almira to wash. She didn’t notice Avilash phone is in it.

Episode end

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